World Pork Expo in the U.S.A

Every year in June, the pork industry from North and South America meets in Des Moines, Iowa, to catch up on the latest trends and network over a good…

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European Pig Producers Congress

From 29.05 - 31.05.24 the pig industry will meet in Nantes in France at the European Pig Producers Congress.

Every year, the European Pig Producers…

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Innovation: Field Attack - extinguishing fires with an attachment for the tractor

This front attachment is connected to the tractor hydraulics and can extinguish fires and clean with high pressure. Field Attack is fitted with a…

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Agritechnica - the world's leading trade fair for agricultural machinery

We are there! From November 12-18, 2023 we invite you to Hannover, Germany, to our booth in hall 2, C 17. You can see our products from the field of…

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Disinfection gate MBDestor 100 at the Smart Poultry World trade fair in Sofia

The Inter Expo Center in Sofia on 19 and 20 September is all about productivity, sustainability and animal health in the poultry industry. Biosecurity…

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European Pig Producers meet in Spain

At the annual EPP Congress of the European Pig Producers Association in Seville, pig farmers from Europe met from 17 to 19 May to learn about topics…

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Biosecurity through vehicle disinfection at Josera Agrar

The trucks entering and leaving the Josera factory site come from near and far, from agricultural livestock farms and other factories, by the minute.…

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Weighing technology and carcass transport at Figan

From 28-31 March, the international trade fair for agriculture, forestry and fisheries will take place in Zaragoza, Spain. Our sales partners will…

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Transporker convinces in practical use

"Our initial scepticism about the initially very spartan-looking rolling board turned into enthusiasm," writes trade editor Martin Zäh in the…

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EuroTier 2022 - Fair in Hanover

We are pleased to show our novelties at the EuroTier and invite you to visit our stand from Tuesday, 15 to Friday, 18 November: Hall 16, Stand A 12.

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DLG awards the silver medal for Lifty!

At EuroTier, selected innovations are awarded a medal by the jury of the German Agricultural Society. We are happy about SILVER for our manure slider…

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World Pork Expo in Iowa, U.S.A.

At the World Pork Expo from 08.06. - 10.06.22 pork producers, industry professionals and industry experts from all over the world come together to…

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Hygiene through careful cleaning and disinfection

High animal performance and economic success can only be achieved with a good animal health status. A high standard of hygiene on the farm is a…

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Disinfection gates for disease control

The control of animal diseases such as African swine fever requires thorough decontamination of all vehicles entering and leaving a farm. This can be…

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Novelty: pig sorting with sorting specification on the scales

The single-animal scale is used for quick sorting of the fattening pigs before slaughtering. This is to achieve the optimum sales weight. The new…

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EuroTier digital - we are there!

The Eurotier will take place digitally this year – from 09.–12 February 2021! Take the opportunity to talk to us and find out about new and proven…

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Research vessels with professional high pressure cleaners with frequency technology from Meier-Brakenberg

The Ramform Titanium class is a class of research vessels for seismological exploration of oil and gas deposits in the sea. This type of ship is short…

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Stationary group scale: also used for sorting hogs

For sorting the hogs before sale, the low-floor scale can be used very efficiently in addition to the individual animal scale. The stationary group…

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Tönnies equips slaughterhouse with disinfection gate

As part of precautionary biosecurity measures, the Tönnies company has equipped its slaughterhouse with a vehicle decontamination sluice. The stationa…

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Disinfection gates – the Animal Disease Prevention Society from North Rhine Westfalia in Germany reports…

The German „Tierseuchen-Vorsorge-Gesellschaft mbH“ was founded in 2014 and is an Animal Disease Prevention Society. In the event of an outbreak of an…

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Decontamination of vehicles in case of an outbreak of ASF

According to a report by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture published on 02.12.19, further cases of ASF in wild boars in Poland near to the german…

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Products from Meier-Brakenberg at the Suisse-Tier in Lucerne

Suisse Tier will take place in Lucerne from 22 to 24 November 2019. Our partners Proagri and Aerni will be exhibiting our mobile cold water units.

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Great interest in new high-pressure technology at Agritechnica

Many visitors at the agritechnica in Hanover, Germany were particularly interested in our frequency-controlled high-pressure technology: it's exciting…

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Der stationäre Hochdruckreiniger mit einer Frequenzregelung eignet sich besonders für die Reinigung mit mehreren Anwendern gleichzeitig. Hohe Maximal-Wasserleistung: 3.000 l/h bis 12.000 l/h bei Doppelpumpenanlagen sind möglich. Der Frequenzumrichter lässt die Pumpe flexibel drehen, was unterschiedlichste Wasserleistungen möglich macht.

The new generation of frequency-controlled high-pressure cleaners

Profi-editor Martin Zäh tries it out: how can you work with the new frequency-controlled high-pressure cleaners from Meier-Brakenberg? He takes a…

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High-pressure cleaning 4.0 - three innovations at once at AGRITECHNICA

Meier-Brakenberg presents at Agritechnica 3 novelties in high pressure technology!

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Meier-Brakenberg at AGRITECHNICA 2019

From 10 to 16 November 2019, leading companies from the sector will be presenting their latest products and innovations at the world's leading trade…

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The animal disease prevention company for ASP control

The animal disease prevention company was founded in 2014 in order to support the livestock farmers in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany in case of an…

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Low-pressure cooling in cow stables leads to higher milk yields: when animals feel well their feed intake increases and thus the milk output.

Stable cooling - this is not a luxury article!

We humans are not the only ones to be exposed to heat stress when temperatures climb up from the comfort zone. It has been proven that ...

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Cleaning of livestock transporters at the slaughterhouse in Luxembourg

The company Agrodel, service partner of Meier-Brakenberg in Luxembourg, equipped the slaughterhouse in Ettelbrück with the cleaning technology for the…

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The hammering revolution in high-pressure technology

Martin Zäh describes the new pendulum lance from Meier-Brakenberg as a "hammering revolution". He takes a closer look at the new lance in the report…

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Flatter, faster and with an intuitive traffic light!

This is the title of the magazine profi's report about the animal scales of Meier-Brakenberg. For the weighing of animals, editor Martin Zäh calls for…

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Meier-Brakenberg presents decontamination gate at the University of Poznan in Poland

On 12 April 2019 the forum on "The threat of African swine fever and highly pathogenic poultry flu in animal production" took place at the University…

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14 frequency-controlled high-pressure cleaners start their journey to Hungary!

A sow farm with a connected mast in Hungary was looking for a high degree of flexibility for special requirements and this with mobile high-pressure…

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Eurotier 2018 - great interest in trough aspirator SPEEDY!

Meier-Brakenberg presented its new products at the Eurotier. The trough aspirator Speedy, which won the gold medal, naturally attracted many visitors…

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New ideas from practice: Eurotier 2018! Come and visit us.

Experience our novelties 2018 from a good stable at our booth at the Eurotier in hall 16, booth G04. We show novelties that make working easier, safer…

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German Agricultural Society Gold medal for our Trough Aspirator Speedy

The German Agricultural Society DLG has awarded the Eurotier novelties medals! We are pleased to have been awarded with the gold medal for Trough…

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Animal epidemic control

Disinfection Gates for ASF defence

On Thursday, the authorities detected African swine fever in wild boar found dead in Belgium at the border triangle of France, Luxembourg and Belgium,…

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Vehicle decontamination  Outbreak epidemic disease

ASF exercise of the district Recklinghausen

The ASF exercise took place on the port site of Marl on 28 June 2018. The outbreak of African swine fever among wild boars was simulated. Several…

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Mobile scale for research purposes in the USA

The Agriculture department of Fort Hays State University in Kansas has been using a single-animal scale from Meier-Brakenberg in pig, sheep and goat…

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Beide Flügeltore schwingen per Fußtritt von der gegenüberliegenden Seite auf. Federn drücken die Tore nach außen und halten diese offen. Die Tiere können bequem durchgetrieben werden. Neben der Waage ist kein Gang erforderlich, um die Seite zu wechseln, wenn das gegenüberliegende Tor geöffnet werden soll.

Optimum weighing for more economic efficiency!

Control weighing is important. One the one hand for the evaluation of increases and feed analysis, on the other hand for sorting of slaughter pigs.…

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Meier-Brakenberg at EuroTier 2018

The next EuroTier takes place in Hanover from 13 to 16 November 2018. Meier-Brakenberg presents the entire product range, from high-pressure cleaners…

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Meier-Brakenberg will be represented at the trade show Foire Agricole through our exclusive trading-partner: company AGRODEL S.À.R.L. Visitors can experience the mobile and stationary high-pressure cleaners.

Meier-Brakenberg in Luxemburg at agricultural trade show!

The fair trade FOIRE AGRICOLE take place in Ettlebrück from 30.06. to 02.07.2017 - the largest regional exhibition in agricultural business.

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The exhibition stand of Meier-Brakenberg at trade show Demopark in Eisenach: The most important topic was cleaning applications. For this purpose we use our Showcar to demonstrate the professional high-pressure cleaner for industrial and commercial use.

Impressions from trade fair Demopark near Eisenach

Many Visitors travel from 11th to 13th of June to the trade fair Demopark in Eisenach. Exhibitors show the latest products and trends in communally…

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Our selected retailer, company “Franz-Josef Hußmann” transfer the new stationary cleaning unit to the fire department Oberhausen, Germany. They use the professional cleaning equipment with stainless steel hose coiler for their truck-wash plant. In the picture, you can see the briefing by the technical consultant Mr. Stenpaß.

Professional high-pressure cleaner for the fire department in Oberhausen – Germany

Professional fire brigade need also professional high-pressure cleaning technique to keep their operation vehicles in good conditions. Actually the…

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Meier-Brakenberg invites visitors to the communally fair trade Demopark 2017 in Eisenach. Here we present at first time pressure cleaners for commercial and industrial application.

Meier-Brakenberg at first time on exhibition "Demopark"

To offer our increasing clientele in the communal sector a platform to communicate and experience new products, Meier-Brakenberg exhibits at first…

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To weigh different sizes of cattle’s, Meier-Brakenberg develops a special design to weigh heavy and large cattle’s, also as calves up to 120 Kg. The platform under the weighing-cage as a single unit is suitable for larges animals, like bulls. If the operator uses all equipment together, he can weigh smaller animal’s safety in the robust weighing frame.

Special Scales for calf’s and cattle

The current special construction based on a development due to a customer requirement, to weigh larger cattle as well as smaller calves with only ONE…

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The lucky winner of lottery drawing by the magazine "TopAgrar" received their price: a new hot-water pressure cleaner MBHot1320. This cleaning device works with an integrated hot water unit. The winner uses this professional pressure cleaner for cleaning his cow barn and machines like tractors.

Hot-water pressure cleaner in competition by magazine “top agrar”

The pressure cleaner MBHot1320 from Meier-Brakenberg drives in 2016 through whole Germany for the competition by magazine “top agrar”. Now the cleaner…

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After the introduction at EuroTier 2016, Meier-Brakenberg starts with series production for the new Porky's Pick Up XL for sows. The first series which are shown in the picture has just passed the inspection certificate of quality assurance and wait now for dispatch.

New products go into series production

After development and enclosed test-stage the series production will start. So according to the presentation of our new Porky's Pick Up XL for sows at…

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Especially for our commercial und industrial business we construct and build customized solution, like this frequency controlled pressure pump station, with cassis and lift truck application. The multi-user mode is the special feature on top of this high professional cleaning unit.

Professional pressure cleaning solution for commercial application

The actual development from Meier-Brakenberg in special design features our customer flexibility during different cleaning requirements, also as the…

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Meier-Brakenberg also exhibit this year at Agrarunternehmertagen in Münster. We show the mobile single animal weighing machine for weighing fatteners directly in the inlet. Also in the picture: our pressure cleaner for professionals.

Meier-Brakenberg at Agrarunternehmertagen in Münster

The first large, regional fair trade in the New Year 2017 state place at hall’s Münster, from 07.02 to 10.02.2017.

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The winners of the lottery from stand Topigsnorsvin at EuroTier 2016 can be glad to receive now their jackpot: the new pressure cleaner MBH1260 - full outfitted. The slight device with high water-flow will be in use in the sow stable by the lucky winner.

Mobile pressure cleaner with the WOW-Effect!

Which Farmer would pass this eye-catcher on his farm?

The Company Topigsnorsvin thinks this design has to improve the stable of one of their…

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The pallet loader offers at this special design a maximum of mobility for our high pressure cleaning unit with heating unit and feed tank.

Mobile cleaning engineering with hot water/heating unit

The requirements concerning our latest special development were well-defined: large power of water flow, flexible regulation of water flow, heating…

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Meier-Brakenberg latest innovation – our new foam trolley includes an compressor at the chassis. This additional device doses air in the output hose. By this process, you can generate foam with low pressure.

EuroTier - novelty: Foam Trolley

The Foam Trolley provides 5 functions essential for cleaning and disinfecting. The device is completely equipped for practical use.

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The new product Porky's Pick Up XL will be presented for the first time at EuroTier 2016 in Hannover. The unique feature of this Pick Up is the modified Layout, to transport sows up to 300 Kg. For this requirement the user can expand the device during loading, to collect also heavy and large sows completely with this cart.

EuroTier - novelty : Porky´s Pick Up XL - for sows

Eurotier2014 DLG gold medal winner, the carcass trolley, is now available as XL version for ergonomic and hygienic transport of sow carcasses.

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Professional high-pressure cleaner on tour

Machine washing stations operate effectively with flexible water output, hot water and detergents, if requested.

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Alfons Stenpaß mit dem dem Meier-Brakenberg Mobil auf Tour: vorgeführt wird der neue Heißwasser-Hochdruckreiniger MBHot1320 und die im Wagen fest installierte Lohnunternehmereinheit.

Take advantage of demonstration of the MBHot 1320

Those who wash machines know what is important to efficiently clean work machines from heavy dirt and grease, oils or feed acid of silo goods.

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