EuroTier - novelty : Porky´s Pick Up XL - for sows


Eurotier2014 DLG gold medal winner, the carcass trolley, is now available as XL version for ergonomic and hygienic transport of sow carcasses.

The self-propelled device facilitates transport of large carcasses with a weight of up to 300 kg by only one person and without any physical strain. The user takes Porky´s Pick Up right to the animal inside the pen. At the push of a button electrically driven pick-up rollers pull the animal contact-free and without any physical strain onto the vehicle.

The trolley’s design makes it possible to load the animal even in confined spaces such as farrowing pens. For this purpose a loader table that offers sufficient room for large carcasses can be fold out right at place. The animal never touches the ground during transport what ensures hygienically optimal conditions on the way to the disposal site where the animal can be unloaded by activating the backward rotation rollers.

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