Cooling of stables. Efficient cooling improves performance.

Your animals feel most comfortable in a cooled barn.

Animals also have their own comfort temperature that needs to be reached. In dairy cattle, for example, it has been shown that the animals breathe more calmly, eat more and chew their cud longer. This significantly increases milk yield.

In pigs, a better stable climate ensures that performance losses are avoided. High dust retention has a positive influence on the respiratory organs of the animals. The pigs are more energetic and make better use of feed. In addition, the species-appropriate housing climate contributes to the reduction of aggression.

The principle of spray cooling.

With spray cooling, water is sprayed very finely with high or low pressure via mist nozzles. The water mist evaporates immediately; the thermal energy required for evaporation is extracted from the air. The adiabatic evaporative cooling achieves a significant cooling of the stable air. This cooling effect can be used to reduce the ventilation rate and save energy.

Cooling systems for every need.

Low pressure cooling for pigs can be done in combination with our stationary soaking system. The existing pipe system becomes a cooling system by installing combined soaking and cooling nozzles. Fine water mist is sprayed into the air at a pressure of 3.5 to 6 bar. This achieves a cooling of several degrees Celsius in the barn. Alternatively, it is also possible to install a separate cooling line with fog nozzles and control.

Low-pressure cooling for dairy cattle is based on a very easy-to-install system consisting of PVC pipes, cooling nozzles and an automatic cooling unit. A cooling line made of PVC pipes is installed above the cows' walkway. The installation of the fogging nozzles is planned in such a way that only the walking area is wetted and not the lying area. Each system is custom-made and perfectly tailored to the conditions of the respective barn.

Our high-pressure cooling system for pig, dairy and poultry houses operates at 70 bar and offers a humidification option in addition to cooling. During heating periods and after housing young animals, the system is used to raise the humidity. During the fattening period, the system serves to bind dust. In the dairy barn, cooling is often used throughout the summer.

Cooling for every barn.

  • Stable cooling for a perfect stable climate
  • Maintaining animal performance and increasing well-being
  • Can be used for every type of stable and every type of animal
  • Also for horse, poultry and sheep stables
  • Large selection of nozzles and installation options
  • Individual planning and customisation