Cooling of stables. Efficient cooling improves performance.

Animals feel most comfortable inside cool stables.

Also animals have an individual comfort temperature level and that is one target to be achieved. Exemplarily, it became apparent with dairy cattle that the animals breathe calmer, eat more and prolong rumination what increases milk yields significantly

With pigs a good sty climate avoids loss of performance. High dust binding exerts positive influence on the respiratory organs. Vitality of pigs improves as well as their utilization of feed. Moreover, a species-appropriate climate helps to reduce aggressions.

The principle of spray cooling.

Spray cooling stands for atomization of water by using nozzles at high or low pressure. The water mist evaporates immediately. It withdraws thermal power from the air and cools it down. This cooling effect allows the reduction of ventilation rates, thus saving energy. 

Three cooling systems that suit all needs.

Low-pressure cooling systems for pigs are based on our stationary soaking unit. When installing the combined soaking and cooling nozzles the existing pipe system becomes a cooling system. Fine water mist is sprayed into the air at a pressure of 3.5 to 6 bar. Doing so you can achieve temperature reductions of several degrees Celsius. Alternatively it is possible to install a separate cooling nozzle branch. 

Low-pressure cooling for dairy cattle is based on a system of PVC pipes, cooling nozzles and a cooling automat which is very easy to install. A PVC pipe must be installed on top of the walkway. Installation of atomizing nozzles is planned in a way to moisten only walkways and to keep resting areas dry. Each unit is customized and perfectly tailored to the local conditions of each stable. 

In contrast to our low-pressure cooling unit (3.5 to 6 bar) our high-pressure cooling system for pigsties and poultry houses operates with 70 bar and can also be used for humidification purposes. During heating periods and after entry of young animals the system is used to increase air humidity. During fattening periods the units serves dust binding purposes. 

Cooling for any stable.

  • Cooling for perfect stable climate
  • Maintains animal performance and improves wellbeing
  • Suitable for any type of stable and animal
  • Also for horse stables, poultry houses and sheep pens
  • Large selection of nozzles and installation options
  • Individual planning and customization