Boot Cleaner MBHSTR - the test winner among all boot cleaners.

Clean boots at the push of a button.

Best remarks for our boot cleaner in the field test of trade magazine "top agrar" when it comes to workmanship, handling and cleaning performance. "No matter whether it is about dust, dry dirt or color spray. The high-pressure boot cleaner of Meier-Brakenberg proves to be a true dirt eater." (top agrar 11/2009)

The boot cleaner can be connected to a high-pressure cleaner. The high operating pressure makes it possible to remove even most stubborn dirt on boots or work shoes. Four all-round high-pressure nozzles do the cleaning of shoes and soles. Two of them clean the sole from below while the other two clean the boots at the side. Brushes serve as splash protectors. Optionally it is possible to interpose an injector between high-pressure cleaner and boot cleaner for disinfection. 


    The advantages of our boot cleaner.

    • Simple connection via the existing high-pressure cleaner
    • Ideal in connection with a stationary high-pressure system
    • Thoroughly cleaning four all-round nozzles 
    • Long service life due to robust stainless steel design

    Product Details

    • This stainless steel line installed on the central aisle forms an outlet at the T-piece to a high-pressure boot cleaner which is ideally suitable for integration into a stationary high-pressure line.

      High-pressure technology - Tap high- pressure boot cleaner connection
      Stainless steel pipe on central aisle with tap to high-pressure boot cleaner - ideal complement to stationary high-pressure lines.

    • Stationary high-pressure cleaners of series MBHST - in the picture MBHST1800 - in connection with automatic start-stop are ideal for connection to a permanently installed stationary high-pressure line. The user simply couples the hose to the stainless steel tap and starts cleaning.

      High-pressure technology - Stationary high-pressure cleaner MBHST
      Stationary high-pressure cleaner MBHST with automatic start-stop - connected to a permanently installed stationary high-pressure line - the user can couple the hose to the stainless steel tap and start cleaning.

    • For connection to the high-pressure cleaner. Four all-round nozzles remove even most stubborn dirt.

      High-pressure technology - boot cleaner
      Directly connected to the high-pressure line - brushes serve as splash protection - best possible cleaning performance due to high-pressure nozzles inside housings.

    Technical Data

    Type MBHSTR
    Length (cm) 55
    Width (cm) 33
    Height - without pipe (cm) 35
    Material Stainless steel
    Operation High-pressure cleaner

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