Mobile weighing from small piglets to strong bulls.

Sturdy, robust and maneuverable.

Different types of animals need individual solutions. This is why we developed different designs and sizes for our mobile individual animal and group scales. All weighing machines are made for tough long-term use. Elaborated constructions made of light aluminium ensure best possible stability and mobility at the same time.

All mobile animal scales - whether for fattening pigs, young sows, piglets, calves, sheep, feeders or bulls - convince with their easy maneuverability. Solid rubber wheels at the front and ergonomic rear handles make transportation easy, as if you would move a wheelbarrow.

Our animal weighing machines are designed to pass through narrow passages. That way you can weigh individual animals or groups inside or in front of the pens, on aisles or loading ramps. It is often more efficient and stress-free to take the scales to the animal rather than vice versa. Gain important knowledge about sales timing, feed utilization and weight control quickly and in a comfortable way.

All mobile weighing machines are equipped with sturdy and impact resistant weighing beams. Cables run inside of bars to be protected against rodents. The durability of our products is excellent.

These advantages are weighty.

  • Robust weighing cage and impact resistant weighing beams
  • Extremely low constructional height of only 7 cm
  • Robust, water-protected, well-readable foil displays
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Animal weighing program with lock function for moving animals
  • Automatic taring in case of soiling.
  • Weighing range from 0 kg to 1,000 kg
  • All mobile scales are available with calibration capable equipment
  • Connections for PC, printer, scanner and USB sticks (optionally)