Mobile cleaning engineering with hot water/heating unit


Mobile cleaning engineering with hot water/ heating unit

The requirements concerning our latest special development were well-defined:

  • large power of water flow,
  • flexible regulation of water flow,
  • heating unit,
  • mobile using possible.

The new construction based on our stationary frequency controlled hot water station – outfitted with latest pump and controller engineering – with 3,000 l/h water flow. The users can determinate at their lance water flow and pressure. Additional outfit – mounted at the frame - is our 80 kilowatt heating unit, which can warm up a water volume of about 20 l/min. up to 70°C.

The Accessories includes the washer-set for two users: stainless steel hose coilers with two-layer hoses and pressure-regulation lances. The feed tank offers a constant water intake in the pressure pump and balance fluctuation in the supply water system.

The complete pump station is mounted fix and space-saving on a plastic pallet. So the user - the agricultural machinery corporation “Maschinengemeinschaft Freckenhorst GmbH”, placed in Warendorf-Freckenhorst, Germany - can easily pick up the complete unit by a forklift and transport it from the washing station into the frost-resisting stock house. Furthermore the customer can transport the whole unit at a trailer to an external washing place.


Contact person at Meier-Brakenberg for solution with special design is Mr. Werner Bockhorst.

Cell phone: 0151/22 86 63 26