Porky's Fun Box

Long-lasting fun for pigs.

The freely movable Porky’s Fun Box is a toy for interactive occupation offering long-lasting distraction to animals.  It has proved successful for the prevention and reduction of unwanted behavioural disorders such as cannibalism in form of biting each other's ears or tails.

Porky’s Fun Box is available in two designs. The Fun Box with three-point attachment and adjustable dosing openings and the smaller Fun Box Midi, especially for small pens with fewer animals.

They fit in any stable.

  • Interactive, long-lasting activity and dosed roughage feed 
  • Flexible use thanks to height adjustment
  • Adjustable dosage opening to match straw properties for Porky’s Fun Box
  • Robust technology made of stainless steel
  • Mounting material included in scope of delivery
  • Complies with the requirements of Animal Welfare Initiative

Attractiveness of Fun Box scientifically proven.

A master’s thesis of the Georg-August University Göttingen (faculty of agricultural science, department for livestock science) has come to a clear conclusion: No tail biting in pens equipped with Porky‘s Fun Box. Porky‘s Fun Box is significantly more attractive to the animals compared with other activity materials.

Prof. Dr. Ziron of the South-Westphalian University of Applied Science in Soest and his study on the matter of behavioural aspects of acceptance of activity objects show that the animals show an ongoing great interest in the Fun Box which does not decline even after several days. In a fattening pen for 25 animals during certain phases up to four animals simultaneously made use of the Fun Box. Up to 1,133 animal contacts per day were recorded and the duration of activity was in total 5 hours and 42 minutes per day.

„The Fun Box is therefore a very good object to keep animals busy and occupied. The removed straw offers additional distraction and animals can even eat the material which keeps them occupied.“ (Prof. Dr. agr. habil. Martin Ziron) 


Variable and robust.

The box can be mounted with a three-point or two-point chain and is variable in height. The pipe support can be fixed to the pen’s partition walls. The user refills the box with straw through a large opening while he is standing in the aisle. A ball mechanism ensures even straw supply. 

Fun Box: Animals remove single stalks of straw from four adjustable openings. Openings for removing straw are adjustable in size to match the used type of straw or other roughage.

Product Details

  • Porky's Fun Box is suitable for use with any type of straw. Short or long-stalk straw - the adjusting ring allows variable dosage. In the picture classic long-stalk straw. Below inside the Box the ball mechanism which ensures the supply of straw.

    Porky's Fun Box - straw feed
    Fast filling through the large opening and optimum supply of straw by included ball mechanism.

  • Variable openings of Porky's Fun Box make it possible to use any type of straw. Pig remove only single stalks from the box. No more straw on the slatted floors.

    Porky's Fun Box - adjustment dosage opening
    Infinitely variable adjustment - depending on straw and type - whether short-stalk or long-stalk straw. With Porky’s Fun Box Midi the dosing openings are not adjustable.

Technical Data

Type Porky's Fun Box Porky's Fun Box Midi
Height (cm) 40 32
Diameter (cm) 31 20
Design stainless steel stainless steel
Adjusting ring infinitely variable no adjustment option
Licensing registered as utility model registered as utility model
Equipment ball for straw feed ball for straw feed
Fixing stainless steel wall bracket incl. three-point attachment with chain links, height adjustable stainless steel wall bracket incl. two-point attachment with chain links, height adjustable

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