Porky’s Pick Up carcass trolley - for fattening pigs

Awarded gold and patented.

Porky ́s Pick Up is a self-propelled device for the transport of carcasses. The user takes Porky’s Pick Up cadaver trolley directly to the animal inside the pen. The electrical pick-up rollers pull the animal onto the vehicle at the touch of a button. The farmer steps on the footboard and swiftly leaves the pen. At the carcass disposal site he unloads the animal carcass by actuating the backwards rotating rollers. There is no need to touch the animal throughout the entire process and all of it without any physical strain.

This simple, yet efficient concept for carcass transport has convinced the DLG and they awarded Porky's Pick Up the EuroTier gold medal in 2014. Porky's Pick Up is patented.


Medalled benefits.

  • Hygienically optimal carcass disposal
  • Non-contact loading 
  • Loading by means of strong roller drives
  • No ground contact until reaching the disposal site
  • Very ergonomic use, no back strain

Robust and durable design.

The carcass trolley’s chassis is splash-proof and made of corrosion resistant aluminium.  Therefore it is easy to clean the device. Porky's Pick up is equipped with 26 cm pneumatic tyres, turns around its own axis and can even surmount stairs. The width of only 56 cm makes it suitable for use in small pens and narrow passages.

Operation of the device is simple and intuitive. After turning on the main switch it takes only two buttons to operate Porky's Pick Up. Travel speed is infinitely variable and allows very smooth starting and stopping

Medalled benefits.

  • Electrical drive, power supply by rechargeable battery
  • Intuitive, easy control
  • Robust and durable design
  • Suitable from piglets to fattening pigs

profi 11/2014 published the following after a first field test.

„The EuroTier gold medal for an electrically powered carcass trolley? Some may wonder when faced with such news since DLG gold is supposed to honour innovative inventions and leading new developments. What is innovative or ground-breaking and new about a carcass trolley? Here is the result of our exclusive field test:

This small self-propelled vehicle is really brilliant, and this is true for both idea and construction. After our first experience and assessment we have to say that it is perfectly okay for this trolley  to be awarded with the gold medal. The carcass trolley does not only facilitate this rather unpleasant  job, it also prevents insidious accidents and protects the farmer against contagious diseases since it allows the transport of animals without having to touch them.“

The transport of carcasses can be as simple as that:

  • Self-propelled carcass trolley Porky’s Pick up
  • Automatic, non-contact pick-up of cadavers
  • Easy, ergonomic transport
  • Hygienic handling of cadavers
  • Robust and durable design 

Product Details

Porky's Pick Up im Detail

  • By the intuitive handling of the controller for Porky's Pick Up XL drive and pick up rollers, the user can drive through the stable and also small corridors, to pick up carcasses.

    Porky's Pick Up - Control
    Very simple operation due to intuitive control of Porky's Pick Up

  • Pick-up rollers made of stainless steel ensure fast pick-up of carcasses without touching the animal.

    Porky's Pick Up - Pick-up rollers
    Powerful pick-up rollers load the animal safely onto Porky's Pick Up.

  • The user can stand on Porky's Pick Up's footboard to cover long distances without walking. Therefore physical strain is reduced to a minimum.

    Porky's Pick Up - Footboard
    Fast moving from stable to stable - take adavantage of Porky's Pick Up's mobility with the footboard.

Technical Data

Type PPU0010
Height (cm) 110
Width (cm) 56
length 113
Travel speed forwards/backwards 5/2,5 km/h
Motordrive 24 V DC, 400 W
Rollerdrive 3x each 40 rpm
Battery performance 8 Ah
Weight 60

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