High-pressure cooling system for pigs

Optimized yields in pigsties

Improved climate inside pens avoids loss of performance. Good dust binding characteristics exert positive influence on the animals' respiratory organs and ensure that vitality of pigs improves as well as their utilization of feed even at high outside temperatures. Moreover, a species-appropriate climate helps to reduce aggressions and is one of the decisive factors when it comes to reducing the time of recurring estrus.

The high-pressure cooling system of Meier-Brakenberg operates in combination with your ventilation system and allows  optimum climate control in pigsties by means of cooling and humidification. Each stable section can be controlled separately and therefore it is possible to cool and humidify at the same time. It takes only one single pump unit for the entire livestock building.

Best possible climate due to cooling and humidification.

Well-cooled stables save energy because it is possible to reduce ventilation rates. Our high-pressure cooling system works according to the principle of direct evaporative cooling. High-pressure nozzles atomize water at a pressure of 70 bar and supply stable air with mist. The water mist then immediately vaporizes and withdraws thermal energy from the air at the same time. Due to the high pressure it is possible to quickly and effectively cool down the air by 5 to 10 °C without causing any wet conditions. The higher the pressure, the finer the mist and the more efficient the evaporative cooling effect.

During heating periods and on entry of young animals the system is used to elevate air humidity to any requested level. Greatest wellbeing is given between 60 and 70 % air humidity.

High-pressure cooling improves animal health throughout the year and maintains the animals' feed intake. Active ingredients can be added and sprayed into the pens by connecting a dispensing unit to prevent or heal respiratory problems.

For cool calculators.

  • Economic high-pressure cooling system
  • Cool, humidify and spray media with system
  • Full-fledged air cooling system complying with Animal Welfare criteria and Animal Farming Directives
  • Dust binding via special control program
  • Easy to operate and menu-driven cooling control MBWeich4
  • Temperature sensor and humidity-dependent control as standard.
  • Integrated pressure release for strict observance of spraying intervals.
  • Top-quality high-grade steel cooling nozzles.
  • Connection to existing control units or climate computer possible.
  • Fully automatic operation of several buildings possible.
  • Individual planning and design for any stable.
  • East self-installation, on request complete assembly or supervised installation.

Product Details

  • The plunger pump is the centerpiece of the high-pressure cooling unit. Driven by an electric motor it generates water pressures of 70 bar for feeding into the supply line.

    High-pressure cooling - Pump station
    The centerpiece of high-pressure cooling unit: 70 bar plunger pump with low-speed electric motor.

  • Very fine nozzles need clean water. To ensure that we use a quadruple filter unit with coarse to fine filters. As illustrated, a holding frame allows wall mounting of the filter unit.

    High-pressure cooling system - Filter unit
    Quadruple filter unit with coarse and fine filters - space saving mounting to wall with the help of a holding frame.

  • High-pressure cooling nozzles made of high-grade steel generate very fine water mist which evaporates and brings about a cooling effect within in a very short time.

    High-pressure cooling - Atomizing nozzle
    High-pressure cooling nozzles made of high-grade steel generate very fine water mist which evaporates and brings about a cooling effect within in a very short time.

  • The high-pressure cooling nozzles are made of high-grade steel. They are placed on a base which is permanently welded to the stainless steel tube. Clips or stainless steel suspension hooks are used for fastening.

    High-pressure cooling - Nozzle branch
    High-pressure cooling nozzles made of high-grade steel - mounted inside a stainless steel pipe: no corrosion, no wear and tear.

Technical Data

We would be pleased to submit your individual offer. Important: The design of the cooling systems depends on the size of your stables, ventilation system and animal type. Apart from various small parts such as installation accessories, the delivery program of the system also includes control box and control computer.

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