Electric dosing system for medication

Comfortable dosing of medication into drinking water.

Our electrical dosing systems for medication can be easily integrated into already existing water lines. The dosing system meters the water throughput and an electric pump doses the required medium. Measuring is very accurate, even with low water throughputs. That ensures accurate dosages.

Dosing systems are also suitable for dosing feed acids such as formic acid, propionic acid or chlorine dioxide for disinfection of lines. Our membrane pumps feature durability and long service life because the dosed medium does not get in touch with the pistons. Also the flow sensor is protected against the dosed media by a separate non-return valve.

MB Dos Touch for precise dosing of medication

  • Permanently installed electrical dosing systems
  • Easy integration into drinking water supply line
  • Direct dosing in connection with mixing tanks MB Mix 60 and MB Mix 180
  • Adjustable dosing ratio form 0.01 to 15 %
  • Continuous control of all preset parameters
  • Resistant to formic acid
  • Useful extra information as water consumption and day counter are stored on an SD card, digital flow display of the current water consumption
  • Robust membrane keyboard with digital display
  • Tested in accordance with DIN 10529-2: "Oral use of veterinary medicinal products in livestock via feed or water", DIN 10529-2: 2012-10 (MBDos20 only)

Product Details

  • The simple and intuitive menu of MBDos1 allows fast entering of dosing data or retrieval of other important data such as water consumption or injection quantities.

    MB Dos Touch - Display
    Simple and intuitive menu - fast entering of dosage - information on water or injection consumption retrievable.

  • The robust piston membrane pump guarantees high DLG tested dosing accuracy - as of 0.01 % dosing volume. That allows dosing of aggressive feed acids such as formic acid or propionic acid.

    MB Dos Touch - Dosing pump
    Magnetic membrane pump ensures highest dosing accuracy from 0.01 % dosages.

  • Water distribution inside pigsty with two permanently integrated electrical medication dosing systems - both with MBDos1. This arrangement facilitates parallel dosing of acids and medication into the drinking wate

    MB Dos Touch - Acid dosing
    Two permanently integrated dosing systems MB Dos Touch - for parallel dosing of acids and medication into the drinking water.

  • Water distribution inside pigsty with permanently integrated electrical medication dosing system MBDos1 and mixing tank for medication. The MBDos1 doses medication from the mixing tank or feed acids from the storage container into the drinking water.

    MB Dos Touch - Medication dosing system and mixing tank
    Water distribution in pigsty with permanently integrated electrical medication dosing system MB Dos Touch and mixing tank for medication

Technical Data

Dosing system MBDos 10 MBDos 20
Dosage 0,01 - 15 % 0,01 - 15 %
Flow rat 10 - 2.500 l/h 10 - 2.500 l/h
Max. output 15 l/h 30 l/h
Water pressure 0,3 - 3 bar 0,3 - 3 bar
Mixing ration at 1,000 l/h 1,5 % 3,0 %
Pump type Magnet-membrane pump stepping-motor pump

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