Low-pressure cooling system for pigs

Optimum climate in pigsties pays off.

Species-appropriate climate plays a decisive role in increase of performance. The low-pressure cooling system reduces temperatures during summer. We either make use of the pipes of already existing soaking units or we plan a combined cooling and soaking unit right from the start for new buildings. Cooling and soaking units are integrated into the system. Used for this purpose are nozzle combinations with cooling nozzles at the top and soaking nozzles at the bottom. They allow easy switching from soaking to cooling operation by turning a ball tap.

Depending on the local conditions it might be useful to install a separate cooling nozzle branch in addition to the soaking lines. In doing so the cooling nozzle is directly mounted to the nozzle sleeve. This solution is advantageous for farrowing pens where the number of nozzles can be reduced or in pens with gangway ventilation to cool down the supply air. 

Efficient cooling at one-second intervals.

Special cooling nozzles generate fine mist which evaporates gradually. The required evaporative energy is taken from the air in form of heat what makes the air temperature fall.

The soaking and cooling control unit MBWeich 200 allows the user to preset temperatures at which cooling operation should start.

The integrated pressure release prevents dripping of nozzles. For this a magnetic valve opens for a few seconds and makes some water escape from the cooling pipe system. The pressure is then released and nozzles stop spraying immediately. This procedure allows short spraying intervals, such as 2 to 6 seconds spraying and 6 to 12 seconds break period. These intervals have proved effective in practice. They break temperature peaks inside stables by up to 5 °C and maintain the animals' performance due to consistently high feed intake and daily weight gain.

Cooling, cleaning and disinfection with only one system.

Customized soaking units of Meier-Brakenberg take care of three important tasks at the same time. One single pipe systems for cooling, soaking and disinfection of stables.

A cooling and soaking unit controls the soaking nozzles which spray and soak excrements, dirt and food remains in individually adjustable intervals. Subsequent rinsing off with the high-pressure cleaner is twice as fast as before. That reduces water consumption accordingly.

It is also possible to use the existing soaking nozzles for disinfection of pens. A stationary disinfection pump aspirates the disinfecting solution and supplies the solution via a bypass to the soaking unit. Optionally it is possible to connect a disinfection trolley containing the solution directly to the soaking unit.

For cool calculators.

  • Pipe system for 3 functions: soaking, cooling and disinfection
  • Or/and extra cooling line in the supply air/central corridor
  • Full-fledged air cooling system complying with Animal Welfare criteria and Animal Farming Directives
  • Effective cooling without wetting animals
  • Easy to operate and menu-driven cooling control MBWeich200
  • Temperature sensor as standard
  • Integrated pressure release for strict observance of spraying intervals.
  • Single, double or quadruple cooling nozzles applicable
  • Individual planning and design for any stable.
  • Easy self-installation, on request complete assembly or supervised installation.

Product Details

  • Soaking and cooling system - control unit MBWeich200
    Easy and intuitive operation of the soaking and cooling control MBWeich200 - to the second adjustable spraying and break intervals. 

  • Kombidüse sprüht bei Einweichvorgängen, beim Kühlen wird die Einweichdüse abgestellt.

    Soaking unit - Control unit MBWeich100
    Combi nozzle sprays during soaking, during cooling the soaking nozzle is switched off.

  • Installation im getrennten Kühlstrang, zum Beispiel in der Zuluft.

    Soaking unit - soaking nozzle SR
    Installation in a separate cooling line, for example in the supply air.

  • Installation im getrennten Kühlstrang, zum Beispiel in der Zuluft.

    Soaking unit - soaking nozzle MR
    Installation in a separate cooling line, for example in the supply air.

  • Soaking and cooling system - distribution
    Distribution soaking and cooling system: water filter, magnetic valve, pressure release and disinfectant connection.

  • Distribution of soaking and cooling unit includes water filter, magnetic valve, pressure release of cooling and disinfectant connection. Directly connected disinfection trolley MBDes200 for spraying disinfectants directly via the soaking unit.

    Soaking and cooling unit - distribution with disinfection trolley
    Distribution soaking and cooling unit: water filter, magnetic valve, pressure release and disinfectant connection. Directly connected: Disinfection trolley MBDes200.

Technical Data

We would be pleased to submit your individual offer. Important: The design of the cooling system depends on the size of your stables, ventilation system and animal type. Apart from various small parts such as installation accessories, the delivery program of the system also includes control box and control computer.

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