Cleanliness and hygiene in stables are decisive factors for success in cattle, pig and poultry farming. A stationary high-pressure cleaning unit makes cleaning of stables and machine easy and uncomplicated.

Spacing-saving wall installation of the high-pressure cleaner. Without exception all of our systems are equipped with durable electric motors and robust industrial plunger pumps with crank shaft drive and ceramic pistons. The integrated automatic start-stop with overtravel and flow monitor offers particular comfort. 

High-pressure makes work easy.

Pipe routings and taps for the hose are planned and designed individually in compliance with local conditions at the place of operation. Stationary lines, fittings and ball taps are completely made of stainless steel what makes the entire installation extremely durable and low wear.

Simply connect and start cleaning. Depending on the design up to 2,400 l/h water output at powerful 140 bar are available to the user. Mobile high-pressure cleaners can also be connected to stationary lines.

The strengths of our stationary high-pressure cleaners.

  • Large volume 3 cylinder plunger pump with crank shaft and ceramic pistons
  • Connection of electric motor and pump vai claw coupling with rubber dampers for optimum power transmission
  • Smooth change of speed for long service life
  • Operation with warm water of up to 40 °C (optionally 80 °C).
  • Robust and durable components made of stainless steel
  • Automatic start-stop and soft start optionally
  • Quick coupling system at lances for fast and easy change of lances
  • Water filter at water inlet to prevent contamination
  • Space-saving mounting on the wall
  • Saves time due to very short set-up times
  • Simple and fast coupling

Product Details

  • The professional high-pressure pump underneath the stainless steel chassis has t flexible claw coupling to the electric motor. That ensures smooth running and easy maintenance.

    High-pressure technology - Claw coupling connection
    Flexible claw coupling connects professional high-pressure pump beneath high-grade steel chassis with electric motor - this ensures high smoothness and easy service (MBHST1800 and up).

  • The high-quality automatic start-stop offers highest functional reliability and durability due to its electromechanical design. The reliable flow monitor starts the device when actuating the lance and it prevents start-up with leakages.

    High-pressure technology - Automatic start-stop
    Electromechanical automatic start-stop offers highest functional reliability due to electromechanical design - flow monitor starts the device reliably. 

  • The standard water inlet filter is optimally positioned and easy to clean. It protects the large volume piston pump against gross contaminations from water pipes.

    High-pressure technology - Water filter
    In optimum position and easy to clean: the standard water inlet filter - protects the large volume piston pump against gross contamination. (starting from MBHST1260)

  • High-pressure taps made completely of stainless steel provide long service life and low wear. Quick couplings shorten set-up times.

    High-pressure technology - Taps
    High-pressure taps completely made of stainless steel ensure durability and low wear -  short set-up times due to quick coupling system.

  • Top-quality high-pressure gun with swivel joint equipped with KEW-coupling sleeve as connection system for fast and safe change of lances.

    High-pressure technology - KEW-coupling system
    High-pressure gun for high flow rates with swivel joint - equipped with KEW-coupling sleeve for fast and safe change of lances.

  • The professional high-pressure pump with 40 or 50 l/min is the core piece of Meier-Brakenberg's professional high-pressure cleaners. The pump is equipped with ceramic pistons and brass piston rods. The plunger / piston principle guarantees endurance and long service life.

    High-pressure technology - Industrial plunger pump
    Professional high-pressure pump with ceramic piston and brass piston rods - guarantees endurance and long service life.

Technical Data

Water outputmax. 900 l/hmax. 1,260 l/hmax1,500 l/hmax1,800 l/hmax2,400 l/h
Operating pressure140 bar140 bar120 bar140 bar140 bar
Electric motor4,0 kW5,5 kW6,2 kW8,5 kW11 kW
Motor rotation speed1,450 rpm1,450 rpm1,450 rpm950 rpm1,450 rpm
Weight (standard equipment)56 kg67 kg69 kg104 kg104 kg
Hose length (standard equipment)10 m10 m10 m20 m20 m
Length x width x height 59x42x52 cm59x42x52 cm59x42x52 cm68x42x52 cm68x42x52 cm
Standard equipment:
 hose, gun with fast coupling, flat-jet lance, circulation pump, stainless steel cover, water filter (starting from MBHST1260)