Professional high-pressure cleaners need professional accessories.

Test winner and silver medalist.

In addition to mobile and stationary professional high-pressure cleaners we offer you a comprehensive range of top-quality accessories. Most of them self-developed and proven in practice thousands of times.

Our range includes the high-pressure boot cleaner which passed the "top agrar" field test 11/2009 with excellent marks and also our newly developed and DLG silver medal awarded funnel washer for very easy cleaning of ventilation shafts in pig and poultry houses.  

You will also find hose reels and hose trolleys made of robust stainless steel, a broad selection of standard and special lances such as double lances or flat-jet lances and dirt blaster lances or foam lances and highly flexible pipe cleaning hoses, feed tanks in various sizes, and also our Hot Box, the hot water unit.