Special Scales for calf’s and cattle

The current special construction based on a development due to a customer requirement, to weigh larger cattle as well as smaller calves with only ONE scales.

For this demand we use a platform, out of aluminum with load cells made of high-grade steel as base construction. These used materials grant high exactness of measurement also as long-live. The combined platform scales with removable weighing cage offer the possibility to weigh large farm animals as cattle or cows. If the user wants to weigh smaller calves, he puts the light aluminum frame on the platform and is now able to weigh therefore optimally young animals up to 120 kg.

As an evaluation unit we use our weigh display WA200 which satisfy by its dynamic weigh program, the bright display and the robust chassis.

Our specialist for weighing solutions Mr. Michael Peter is available for your inquiries on the subject for animal scales by telephone or e-mail.

phone number: 0 52 62/ 993 99-25
e-mail: michael.peter.@meier-brakenberg.de