Porky's Rack

Roughage for all.

This Rack occupies many animals at the same time as they remove straw from it in parallel. The storage container allows also the use of other types of roughage.

The openings are distributed over the entire height of the storage container and are accessible for many animals at different heights. Health-promoting raw fibre is thus sufficiently available to the pigs.

The Rack is available in two versions, with adjustable openings and with fixed openings.


Quality in Detail.

  • Very flexible in use due to freely adjustable opening size >> Different types of roughage such as alfalfa, straw and hay with different stalk lengths can be used, no clogging, no uncontrolled trickling of straw that is too small (Rack Flexi)
  • Large-volume container for large filling quantities
  • High quality stainless steel construction
  • Wall-sided installation back to back with the help of oblong holes, thus flexible in height
  • Easy filling by hand through a large opening
  • Meets the ITW's roughage criterion

Product Details

  • Porky's Rack Flexi - adjustable openings
    The opening can be adapted to the roughage used in a few simple steps.

  • Porky's Rack - large storage container
    A lot of roughage can be quickly filled in through the large opening.

Technical Data

Type Porky's Rack Flexi Porky's Rack Fix
Height (cm) 52 52
Width (cm) 50 50
Depth (cm) 28 28
Design stainless steel stainless steel
Adjustable slider smooth -
Use piglets, fattening, sows piglets, fattening, sows

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