Funnel washer. This funnel washer is a DLG silver medalist.

DLG awarded new development of Meier-Brakenberg.

Funnel washer Flexi makes it possible to clean ventilation shafts and funnels in pig and poultry houses and therefore contributes significantly to the optimization of stable hygiene. Flexi consists of a high-pressure nozzle head with flexible spacers and can be directly inserted into the funnel from below.

Afterwards the device is coupled to a mobile or stationary high-pressure cleaner. Pressure and downwards directed nozzles ensure that the washer moves upwards together with the hose while cleaning the inner walls. The nozzle positions in connection with vertical movement allow 360 degree cleaning. 

Advantages of Funnel Washer Flexi

  • Optimum hygiene due to entirely clean funnels
  • Improved efficiency due to lower flow resistance after cleaning
  • Safe salmonella control due to dust elimination
  • Suitable for all high-pressure cleaners from 1,200 l/h
  • Flexible use in any shaft up to Ø 100 cm
  • Safe and user-friendly operation
  • Different hose lengths and nozzle sets available

Product Details

    Technical Data

    Height incl. connection pipe (cm)48
    Diameter (cm)52
    Nozzle position45°
    Spraying angle40°
    Weight (kg)0,55
    Scope of delivery:
    Nozzle head with spacers towards shaft walls, nozzle set suitable for high-pressure equipment, high-pressure connection hose 5, with KEW fitting
    Extra equipment:
    High-pressure hose on request - depending on shaft length, alternative nozzle sets depending on size of equipment

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