Stationary Disinfection Gate 100

Safe vehicle decontamination for any kind of operation.

Once installed, the vehicle lock is a permanent biosecurity measure!

Hygienic demands on farms are increasing and the avoidance of disease or epidemic entry is a considerable economic factor. Consistent disinfection of all incoming vehicles therefore means a significant increase in operational hygiene.

The decontamination lock DESTOR ST100 prevents the spread of pathogens at all logistical hotspots, e.g. feed production or animal carcass disposal.

Safe disinfection at the push of a button via remote control

The disinfection arch is placed on a steel or concrete floor pan. A remote control triggers the pump when the vehicle enters which immediately ensures that the vehicle is completely wetted at a constantly high pressure. The application of 0.4 litres of disinfectant solution per square metre to the vehicle is guaranteed at a travel speed of 2.4 km/h. The arrangement of the nozzles at the archway ensures wetting of all vehicle types and sizes, all around. The nozzles spray three-dimensionally and are not susceptible to wind so that safe decontamination is ensured at all times.

A nozzle line on the ground with nozzles in the drive-over ramps ensures particularly strong underbody, tyre and wheel case wetting which is particularly important for complete disinfection.

Performance in Detail:

  • The gate can be mounted on concrete floors with a collecting device or on a steel pan.
  • The spray arch consists of a sturdy stainless steel tube frame with integrated wind-resistant nozzles.
  • The archway is stabilised and stiffened against torsion by means of foot and corner brackets.
  • A multistage stainless steel centrifugal pump with 200 l/min ensures a constantly high pressure on the nozzles.
  • Convenient aluminium box for safe storage of the pump.
  • Note: complete disinfection of vehicles is only achieved with the floor nozzle equipment, see optional equipment.

Optional Equipment:

  • Drive-over ramp MBDEST028:  Double aluminium floor ramp, 80 cm wide, with floor nozzle string. Laterally and horizontally offset arranged nozzles allow intensive wetting of the underbody area. Dimensions: ramps twice 0,80 x 0,75 x 0,09 m.
  • Drive-over ramp MBDEST029: Hot-dip galvanized steel ramp, 3.52 m wide, with floor nozzle strand.Nozzles offset laterally and horizontally allow intensive wetting of the underbody area, dimensions: 0.82 x 3.52 x 0.07 m
  • Drive-over ramp MBDEST029-02: Stainless steel ramp, 3.52 m wide, with floor nozzle strand. Nozzles offset laterally and horizontally allow intensive wetting of the underbody area, dimensions: 0.82 x 3.52 x 0.07 m

Highest Operating Comfort:

  • Solution tank MBDEST018: Container for mixed disinfectant solution, 1,000 litre plastic container with float switch, connection and ventilation set as well as suction hose.
  • Collecting pan MBW2000: Two-piece steel drip pan, primed and painted, dimensions 3,81 x 4,30 x 0,07 m.
  • Collecting pan MBW1000 Longlife: Mobile disinfection and collection pan made of particularly tear-resistant polyester fabric coated on both sides, lateral upturns, entry and exit side with flexible foam core, dimensions: 20,00 x 3,60 m.
  • Dosing technology MBDEST034: Automatic filling system for the solvent container. Exact dosing of liquid products in a setting range of 0.01-15 %. Water consumption measurement and documentation via SD card. Integrated in pump and control box, dimensions: 0,80 x 1,38 x 1,05 m.

Product Details

  • Dreidimensional sprühende Düsen für kräftige Unterboden- und Reifenreinigung

    DESTOR ST100 – Underbody disinfection
    Three-dimensional spray nozzles for powerful underbody and tyre cleaning.

  • Box zur sicheren, geschützten Unterbringung der Pumpe

    DESTOR ST100 – Pump box
    Box for safe, protected storage of the pump.

  • Anschalten der Desinfektion per Knopfdruck auf eine Fernbedienung

    DESTOR ST100 – Remote control
    Disinfection can be switched on at the push of a button on a remote control.

  • Die dreidimensional sprühenden Düsen arbeiten windunanfällig

    DESTOR ST100 – Three-dimensional nozzles
    The three-dimensional spray nozzles are not susceptible to wind.

Technical Data

Spray arch 50 mm stainless steel tubular frame with 2 corner consoles on top and 2 floor consoles, internal dimensions: 3.68 x 4.55 m (W x H)
  Inner dimensions 3.68 x 4.55 m (w x h)
Pump unit Lockable box made of aluminium, dimensions 0.57 x 0.38 x 0.36 m (l x w x h)
  Remote control with hand transmitter, receiver and connection material
  Pump: multistage stainless steel centrifugal pump 200 l/min, 230 V/50 Hz, 1.85 kW

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