Professional pressure cleaning solution for commercial application


The actual development from Meier-Brakenberg in special design features our customer flexibility during different cleaning requirements, also as the possibility to use the pump station at different places of action.

The practical handling of the high pressure unit will be demonstrated by the transport of forklift truck. There is no chance of slide down during the transport by the used closed fork-retainer. This construction makes it possible to drive it e. g. with a wheel loader over rough surfaces like broken stones.

At this mobile device can work two users simultaneously, by doing different cleaning challenges. This guarantees the large water-power of the pressure pump with 70 l water-flow per minute and the 18.5 kW high-efficiency electric engines. The best practice system, our “Load Sensing” technology regulates the pressure pump. All users can easily adapt their individual pressure and water-flow at their owe lance.

To prevent any possible shortages in the water supply, the pump station has included a 300 l feed tank on the frame. This construction guarantee a durable water support and prevent at same time a stall to the pressure pump.


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