Porky's Pellettomat

Good taste and fun for pigs.


Quality in Detail.

Product Details

  • Porky's Pellettomat - view from above
    The container provides sufficient storage space.

  • Porky's Pellettomat - movable slider
    This slider triggers the dosing mechanism.

  • Porky's Pellettomat - dosing opening
    Variably adjustable dosing opening.

  • Porky's Pellettomat - stroke of the slider
    With the adjustable stroke, the dosing quantity can be adjusted to the smallest amounts.

Technical Data

Type Porky's Pellettomat Maxi Porky's Pellettomat Kombi Porky's Pellettomat Midi
    robust sow version  
Height (cm) 91.7 91.7 56.1
Width (cm) 24.5 24.5 24.5
Depth (cm) 17.2 17.2 11.6
Design stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel
Volume (l) 17 17 6
Adjustable slider smooth smooth smooth
Stroke adjustment smooth smooth smooth
Use fattening fattening, sows piglets

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