MBH 900. Lightweight high pressure cleaner with good handling

Our darling.

The light and manoeuvrable MBH 900 is a professional high-pressure cleaner with a water flow of 15 litres per minute that can be used even in the most confined spaces and can be adapted for cleaning.

Its conveying capacity ensures good cleaning of machines and yards, and it also cuts a fine figure in milking parlours.

Good handling and easy procedure in other areas of application make it a popular "treasure". With its detachable handle, it also fits into any station wagon.


Performance in detail

  • Extremely manoeuvrable due to compact dimensions
  • Easy to handle, removable push bar
  • Large-volume 3-cylinder plunger piston pump with crankshaft drive and ceramic piston

The maneuverable one with unbeatable advantages.

  • Low rotation of only 1450 rpm for long service life
  • Operation with hot water up to 40°C
  • Robust stainless steel chassis
  • Large solid rubber wheels (never flat)
  • Lance holders for safe storage of the lances
  • Quick coupling system on the lances for quick and easy lance replacement
  • Handle at ergonomic working height

Product Details

  • The robust piston plunger pump of the MBH 900 starter unit guarantees long service life.

    High-pressure technology - Industrial plunger pump MBH 900
    Professional high-pressure pump with ceramic piston and aluminum piston rods - guarantees endurance and long service life.

  • The functional lance holders on the MBH 900 provide optimum support for all Meier-Brakenberg high-pressure lances.

    High-pressure technology - Lance holder MBH 900
    Lance holders as standard secure stable position of all needed high-pressure lances - lances are always ready to hand directly at the device.

  • The robust stainless steel hose reel of the MBH 900 ensures that the high-pressure hose is safely rolled up.

    High-pressure technology - Hose in shape on the hose reel
    The robust stainless steel hose reel simplifies hose storage - quickly and safely.

  • Top-quality high-pressure gun with swivel joint equipped with KEW-coupling sleeve as connection system for fast and safe change of lances.

    High-pressure technology - KEW-coupling system
    High-pressure gun for high flow rates with swivel joint - equipped with KEW-coupling sleeve for fast and safe change of lances.

Technical Data

Water output900 l/h
Operating pressure140 bar
Electric motor4 kW
Engine speed1.450 rpm
Weight (with standard equipment)40 kg
Length x width x height / handle
760 x 385 x 1.010 mm
Standard equipment:
10 m hose, gun with fast coupling, flat-jet lance, circulation pump,flat jet lance, stainless steel cover