Spread Alzogur safely without tilting drums.

Usually Alzogur can be directly removed from the storage drum and added to a watering can which is used to spread the liquid. The intake lance at the disinfection trolley can remove Alzogur directly from the Alzogur storage tank and fill the solution into the container of the trolley. No direct contact of user and medium. That saves valuable time, prevents contamination and increases safety.

After intake the requested amount of water is added. The special coarse-drop sprinkler head allows fast and safe spreading of Alzogur onto slatted floors. The large storage tank - e.g. 200 liters at the MBDes200 - makes it possible to clean up to 200 m² slatted floors, depending on the amount of manure remains.

Disinfection via the soaking system

Stable disinfection with soaking systems of Meier-Brakenberg is effortless. Due to the integrated disinfection unit you can achieve best possible hygiene at the push of a button. The disinfection pump aspirates the prepared disinfectant solution and supplies it via a bypass to the soaking unit. In doing so the soaking nozzles distribute the entire disinfectant solution to the pens.

The magazine "profi" (03/2010) reports about field tests: "…no other technology has ever achieved such even and at the same time fast distribution of disinfecting agents before!" In any case disinfection of fattening pens with 400 animals takes only about 6 minutes - at guaranteed even output of appropriate quantities and exact concentrations on floors and walls in the entire compartment of the stable. 

Apart from saving time it is also the high user safety which plays an important role. There is no more need to enter the pens during disinfection. Moreover, all parts of the pipe systems are suitable for the application of DVG listed disinfectants.

Mobile disinfection with the disinfection trolley.

The Meier-Brakenberg disinfection trolley is ideal for all farms where disinfection of pens, and also aisles, ramps and silos is required. It is even possible to disinfect yards with the device.

Depending on the type, solutions are either prepared in 50 l or 200 l tanks. A disinfection pump with 230 V connection underneath the trolley ensures thorough mixing of the solution. The flat-jet lance produces fine droplets at high output rates. That way it takes one minute to disinfect approx. 20 m² by hand at an output amount of 0.4 l/m² as predefined by the DVG.

The disinfection trolley is also ideal for direct connection to the soaking unit. That way the existing soaking nozzles are used to spray the disinfecting solution. Depending on the distribution of nozzles it is possible to sprinkle fattening pens with up to 200 animals in 5 minutes or farrowing pens for 12 animals in only two minutes with no need to enter the pens.

A clean solution.

  • Pipe system for 3 functions
  • Soaking, cooling and disinfection in one
  • Even distribution of disinfecting solution with the soaking unit
  • High user safety, no inhalation of vapors
  • Time-saving spreading due to high area performance
  • Disinfection trolley for direct coupling
  • Individual planning and design for any stable
  • Simple self-installation
  • On request complete installation or supervised installation

Product Details

  • Large opening on the disinfection trolley facilitates easy and fast mixing of disinfectants. The large and clear scale at the barrel makes it easy to determine the correct mixing ratio.

    Disinfection - filling
    Opening at the disinfection trolley and scale at the barrel facilitate filling and accurate determination of mixing ratio.

  • In the picture: Disinfection trolley MBDes200 directly connected to soaking unit to spread disinfectants. No need to enter the pen.

    Disinfection - connection to soaking unit
    Connection to soaking unit for optimum use of disinfection trolley for stable disinfection - no need to enter the pen.

  • The stainless steel disinfectant pump is used for particularly aggressive and acid containing disinfectants. It is extremely resistant and has an extended service life.

    Disinfection - stainless steel pump
    On request: stainless steel disinfectant pump for use of particularly aggressive and acid containing disinfectants.

  • The ideal technical solution for the application of Alzogur: The disinfection trolley MBDes200! The intake lance which is included in the Alzogur-set makes it possible to remove Alzogur directly from the storage drum and safely fill it in the mixing container. Floor and protective clothing stay clean.

    Disinfection - Alzogur spreading
    Ideal technical solution for spreading Alzogur: disinfection trolley MBDes200.

Technical Data

Type MBDes 200 MBDes 50
Width (cm) 62 45
Depth (cm) 80 60
Height (cm) 147 110
Tank capacity 200 l 50 l
Flow rate 3.600 l/h 3.600 l/h
Electrical connection 230 V/50 Hz 230 V/50 Hz
Hose 25 m 25 m
Additional equipment Alzogur-set Alzogur-set

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