High-pressure cleaners. Top-quality professional high-pressure cleaners.

Developed for agriculture.

Meier-Brakenberg has been farming pigs for generations. We know exactly how much time it takes to clean and disinfect stables efficiently and thoroughly when your equipment does not suffice your needs at a 100 %. We started developing our own constructions because the equipment which had been available on the market at that time did not meet our requirements. As a result of these considerations we can now present first-class high-pressure cleaners - true specialists for agriculture and subcontractors - and other highly professional equipment for industry and municipal technology.

Maximum performance.

Each of our cold and hot water high-pressure cleaners operates with high water output. As a result you save a lot of time when cleaning your stables. For example, our MBH1800 has a water output of 30 l/min and that means cleaning of fattening stables or machines takes half the time as it would with conventional equipment providing only half of the water output. Even faster it is with our frequency-controlled stationary high-pressure cleaners which can be operated by two persons at the same time.

The enormous water throughput and pressure as well as the spraying angle are decisive with respect to the impact force of water jets. The more water, the higher the impact force. And more water increases the rinsing effect, dirt is literally washed away.

Built for long life.

High-pressure cleaning in agriculture takes place every day. Hundreds of operating hours every year make the functional reliability and long service-life of your high-pressure cleaner become very important. Pumps for example operate in a very low-wear way according to the crank shaft principle with low motor rotational speed between 950 and 1,450 rpm.

Tested in practice.

We test and use our new and established technologies under practical conditions in our own pig fattening operations to raise our awareness when it comes to decisive little things in product development and product improvement. This is why we find perfect solutions for allegedly minor issues which are yet very important for the everyday work. We receive additional support by staying in close touch to our customers what helps us to develop our products in step with actual practice. And sometimes we even ask some 1,200 farmers about their special demands, as we did when we developed the high-pressure cleaners of the MBH series.

Product Overview