Cleaning of livestock transporters at the slaughterhouse in Luxembourg

The company Agrodel, service partner of Meier-Brakenberg in Luxembourg, equipped the slaughterhouse in Ettelbrück with the cleaning technology for the livestock transporters. The solution was developed individually for the slaughterhouse. The trucks are first pre-washed with a low-pressure system. For this purpose an automatic hose reel with washing pistol is installed.  

Stainless steel pipes supply a stationary high-pressure cleaner with 1800 litres of water per hour for the main wash. Another two automatic reels are installed in a special frost-proof stainless steel cabinet. In addition to clear water, foam cleaning with injection is also provided.

The slaughterhouse has taken the liberty of a small trick: a special circuit ensures that the cattle transporter cannot leave until the hose cabinet is closed. This automatically ensures that the washing area is tidy in every respect!