Animal carcasses are easily picked up on the spot and removed with almost no physical effort. By means of an integrated catch loop on the pull rod, the animals are secured without touching and then placed on the slide of the Transporker via a wide roller in a back-friendly way. By means of the pull rod, the pig is effortlessly pulled to the carcass site on the rolling Transporker.


Transporker for more hygiene and less effort

In an upright body position, the operator fixes the animal's leg to the pull rod using the loop. The rod pulls the carcass over the ramp which is equipped with an integrated wide roller to place the animal on the slide. Handles on the slide provide the necessary grip for transport even with very large animals. Using the pull rod, the carcass is then pulled to the carcass site on the rolling, maneuverable Transporker without physical effort and in a hygienically advantageous way.


Benefits in detail

  • Transporker has 2 swivel castors at the front and is only 35 cm wide >> fits through any aisle and around every corner.
  • Low net weight of only 9 kg >> Transporker can be easily and quickly carried anywhere by means of the handles.
  • Transporker is space-saving and easy to hang on the wall of the stable. The pull rod eye can be used for this purpose. The pull rod can be stored on the handles.
  • The pull rod is used to reach into the side slots and to lift the Transporker so that the animal slips off the slide at the carcass site >> no need to touch the pig.
  • Smart design: when collecting the pig, stability is achieved by ground contact of the beveled front plate.
  • Made entirely of durable, hygienic stainless steel.
  • Transporker can be cleaned easily and quickly.

Product Details

  • Transporker – storage pull rod
    The rod can be safely stored at the handles.

  • Transporker – pull rod with catch loop
    The 41 cm loop of 7/19 wire rope opens again and again by itself.

  • Transporker - storage
    Space-saving and handy, Transporker hangs on the wall in the central aisle.

  • Transporker - maneuverable wheels
    2 swivel castors in the front and 2 rear wheels with 130 kg load/piece each.

Technical Data

Type Transporker
Length 950 mm
Width 345 mm
Height 155 mm
Length pull rod 900 mm
Clearance height 30 mm
Material Stainless steel
Weight 9 kg

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