German Agricultural Society Gold medal for our Trough Aspirator Speedy

The German Agricultural Society DLG has awarded the Eurotier novelties medals! We are pleased to have been awarded with the gold medal for Trough...

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Desinfektionstor  Desinfektionsbogen  LKW Dekontamination  LKW Desinfektion  Fahrzeugdesinfektion

Disinfection Gates for ASF defence

On Thursday, the authorities detected African swine fever in wild boar found dead in Belgium at the border triangle of France, Luxembourg and Belgium,...

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Desinfektion Tierseuche  Tierseuchenschleuse  Tierseuchenbekämpfung

ASF exercise of the district Recklinghausen

The ASF exercise took place on the port site of Marl on 28 June 2018. The outbreak of African swine fever among wild boars was simulated. Several...

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Meier-Brakenberg - Ideas based on experience

Meier-Brakenberg has been keeping pigs for generations and we know exactly how much time it takes to cope with everyday work efficiently and thoroughly with equipment which does not suffice operational needs at a 100 %.

At that time available solutions for agriculture or industry - for example in the area of cleaning, weighing or stable cooling - did not live up to our expectation in terms of performance, robustness or long service life. This is why we having been developing our own products and systems since 1997 - professional devices for agriculture, subcontractors and the food industry.

We use and test new and also proven technologies under real life conditions in our pig farm what raises our awareness when it comes to decisive little things in product development and product improvement. This is why we find perfect solutions for allegedly minor issues which are yet very important for the everyday work.

"Our products help you to optimize everyday work in your stables and therefore the performance of your entire business." (Wolfgang Meier)

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