The animal disease prevention company for ASP control

The animal disease prevention company was founded in 2014 in order to support the livestock farmers in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany in case of an onset of an animal disease. This involves the implementation of the measures prescribed by the veterinary office and to be the main point of contact for the veterinary authorities. The services provided by the prevention company also include the construction of sluices for vehicles and the cleaning and disinfection of the infected farm. Some time ago the company took precautions against African swine fever and commissioned Meier-Brakenberg to develop effective disinfection gates for rapid installation at acute epidemic points. In case of an emergency, these are stored at the animal disease prevention company for immediate use. In addition, Meier-Brakenberg's high-pressure cleaners with petrol engine, disinfection trolleys, boot cleaners and carcass trolleys are available at all times.

Meier-Brakenberg offers mobile decontamination sluices for acute rapid assembly, as well as stationary disinfection gates that can be used for preventive hygiene at the company's groundborder.


  • The mobile petrol-operated professional high-pressure cleaner MBH1800V is very flexible and does not require any connection to power mains. The device facilitates outdoor cleaning without power supply.
  • Fast and easy stable disinfection with the disinfection trolley MBDes 200 - in the picture inside fattening pen. The high pump performance provides high area output during application.
  • The high-pressure boot cleaner MBHSTR - in the picture developed for connection to the high-pressure cleaner. Four all-round high-pressure nozzles dissolve even most stubborn dirt on boots. Perfect cleaning results and optimum hygiene.
  • Porky's Pick Up for non-contact carcass transportation.