New products go into series production


After development and enclosed test-stage the series production will start. So according to the presentation of our new Porky's Pick Up XL for sows at EuroTier 2016 in Hannover, we begin to produce with the first batch.

The large interest and the following demand generate the possibility to produce a high batch size of this new Pick Up model. The XL-version for sows up to 300 Kg finds favour in the German market also as in the international markets for pig producers. Beneficiary of this innovation are sow keepers and farmer with closed system (from piglet to fattener), which already wait since 2014 for the successor of the DLG-Gold awarded Porky’s Pick Up for fatteners.

Here you can find more information about the electric carcass trolley…


Beside the new Pick Up XL series, we produce in march an large batch of the mobile HotBox generation MBHot80 for an special cleaning application.

The mobile heating unit can be easily connected in the water flow after a professional pressure cleaner and generates hot washing water up to 90°. The heating power will be used in this special case for truck cleaning, where the user has to wash surfaces with oily components and caked dirt. Also as downstream equipment after the pressure cleaner used: the disinfection-technique (injector and foam lance) to receive an optimum hygienic cleaning-performance.

For special requirements and individual designs, we offer our consulting service by our specialist for cleaning solution: Mr. Werner Bockhorst. Contact:

Cell phone:  0151/22 86 63 26