The hammering revolution in high-pressure technology

Martin Zäh describes the new pendulum lance from Meier-Brakenberg as a "hammering revolution". He takes a closer look at the new lance in the report of the magazine profi 7/19.

Impressed by the low weight, Martin Zäh and professional photographer Stefan Tovornik noticed that the pendulum lance fills its 25° spray cone to varying degrees. The water jet is sometimes a bit more powerful in the upper and sometimes in the lower range, as it oscillates at a 50 kHz frequency and thus achieves a strong cleaning result. Especially when cleaning the slatted floor, the quality of the pendulum lance is convincing compared to the flat jet lance - the dirt on the side edges of the beams was washed much better.

The pendulum lance combines the advantages of the flat jet and the rotor nozzle - this is on the one hand the bundling of the water jet and on the other hand the pendulum movement, whereby the cutting effect of the dirt milling machine is missing. "The water jet from the pendulum nozzle is actually more energetic than that from a flat jet nozzle," says Zäh. In addition, he speaks of revolutionary features, "because practitioners who have been working with nozzles from the pre-series for several months speak of up to 30% higher cleaning performance compared to the combined use of a flat jet and rotor nozzle".

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