Porky's nibbling pipe

Nibbling Pipe for organic activity materials.

This holder, made of aluminium, for untreated wooden slats offers piglets, fattening pigs and sows permanent access to organic activity materials. This way the animals’ drive to bite and chew  is satisfied and undesired biting each other's tails and ears is minimized.

Insert the slat with a length of approx. 80 cm into the holder. An arrester at the bottom prevents the slat from slipping through onto the floor. Animals can nibble and bite the wood through the opening.

Optionally, the scope of delivery includes suitable mounting materials for installation on PVC panels at the bottom and for installation at the top on the tubular pen construction. If requested, this set can also be supplied suitable for mounting on other partition walls.

The Nibbling Pipe is available as short version Nibbling Pipe Midi. As for this version, the nibbling range is height adjustable.

It fits in any stable.

  • Nibbling Pipe of Meier-Brakenberg
  • Complies with the requirements of animal welfare for additional organic activity materials
  • Robust technology made of aluminium
  • Low refill demand 
  • Stable pipe support for  4 x 6 cm square-shaped timber
  • Drilled support for easy mounting to pen construction system
  • Mounting material included in scope of delivery 

Product Details

    Technical Data

    Type Porky’s Nibbling Pipe Porky’s Nibbling Pipe Midi  
      welded bolted  
    Height (cm), pipe length 36.5 28.0  
    Diameter (cm) 8 8  
    Design aluminium aluminium/ stainless steel  
    Suitable for untreated timber batten 4x6 cm, alfalfa nibble stick untreated timber batten 4x6 cm, alfalfa nibble stick  
    Fixing U-bolt and machine bolt U-bolt and machine bolt connection material  
    Nibbling range (cm) 13.8 height adjustable  

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