Water heater MBHot for maximum hygiene.

85 °C against grease, oil and protein.

Agriculture and food industry need water wherever grease and protein require fast dissolution. But also for machine cleaning it takes hot water to dissolve grease and oil.

Our water heater HotBox is perfect for the above applications. And of course also in operations where use of hot water is mandatory such as in slaughter houses or dairy companies.

The downstream HotBox heats large amounts of water for high-pressure cleaning within the shortest time.  It heats washing water of high-pressure cleaners with 1,800 l/h to up to 85 °C. 70 °C can be achieved with 2,400 l/h devices. 

The advantages of the HotBox.

  • 1,800 l/h heated to up to 85 °C, 2,400 l/h to 70 °C
  • Heating capacity up to 160 kW without pre-heating times
  • High degree of efficiency similar to modern boiler plants
  • Optionally oil or gas powered
  • Mounted on off-road wheel frame
  • Aluminium and stainless steel housing for long service life

Product Details

    Technical Data

    Type MBHot80 MBHot160
    Heating capacity 80 kW 160 kW
    Burner design Stainless steel Stainless steel
    Chassis design Synthetic material Stainless steel
    Heating coil 3/8" 3/8"
    Heating capacity 1 60° at 21 l/min. 70° at 40 l/min.
    Heating capacity 2 90° at 15 l/min. 95° at 25 l/min.
    Operation Oil / optionally gas Oil / optionally gas

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