Porky’s Strawtomat

Good taste and fun for pigs.



Quality in Detail.

  • Variably adjustable opening for different materials
  • Robust technology completely made of stainless steel
  • Corresponds to the pigs' urge to grub on the ground
  • Large storage container for roughage
  • Filling by hand or by straw conveyor
  • Installation on the wall of the pen, standing on the floor
  • Meets the ITW's roughage criterion

Product Details

  • Porky’s Strawtomat - rotating metal stars
    The stars turn by "nuzzling" with the snout. Opening width variably adjustable.

  • Porky’s Strawtomat - side view
    The large container ensures large reserves.

  • Porky’s Strawtomat - view from above
    The rotating stars push straw in a well-dosed amount outwards under the edge.

  • Porky’s Strawtomat - metered straw output
    Straw is only released by intensive nuzzling of the animals.

Technical Data

Type Porky's Strawtomat
Height (cm) 98
Width (cm) 43
Depth (cm) 29
Design stainless steel
Volume (l) 145
Adjustable slider smooth
Star adjustment smooth

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