Medication dosing systems

Drinking systems for optimum fresh water supply.

The drinking systems of Meier-Brakenberg have been especially developed for sow management, piglet rearing and pig fattening. We have continuously developed and optimized drinking systems and invested great care and passion in useful and detailed solutions. Today our drinking systems can be found in many operations where they ensure the supply of fresh water and additives.

We construct and deliver our drinking systems custom-made and based on individual planning for your stable. All systems are acid resistant and therefore suitable for application in connection with feed acids and vitamins. Troughs and nipples are made of robust stainless steel, supply lines and central lines are made of plastic pipes. The drinking bowls allow drinking from open surface and therefore comply with animal welfare criteria.

Medication and acid dosing the easy way.

Each of our drinking systems can be equipped with our electrical medication dosing unit which is available as stationary or mobile version. In any case medication and acid feed-in could not be any easier than that.

For this purpose our product range also includes special mixing tanks which can be either integrated into the stationary supply line or connected pen-specific as a mobile device.

For stables with liquid feed we developed a dispenser trolley which is ideal for dosing medication directly into feed troughs.

Custom-made drinking systems.

  • Consulting, planning, delivery and installation of drinking systems
  • Made-to-measure for pigsties from piglet rearing to sow stables
  • Drinking systems with branch lines for pens
  • Circulation drinking systems for improved hygiene and application of medication
  • On request stainless steel trough holder with up to 7 trough tap points 
  • On request planning and implementation of entire water distribution including all water, soaking and high-pressure cleaner supply lines
  • Integrated systems for dosing medication and acids
  • Simple self-assembly, on request complete installation or supervised installation