High pressure on any farm.

Enormous time savings, comfort gain anyway. Do yourself, your employees and balance sheet a great favor and get yourself a stationary high-pressure cleaning system. Whatever your ideas might be, our experts will make them come true. We have developed efficient stationary high-pressure systems for stable cleaning. Meanwhile they are used in many other areas of agriculture, industry, waste management and food production and convince in everyday practice.

Our frequency-controlled stationary high-pressure cleaners make it possible for up to 10 users to clean at the same time with water volumes of up to 6,000 l/h or even 12,000 l/h.

For professional cleaning of machine parks we have developed frequency controlled hot water stations which provide flexible amounts of water. Whilst one person removes oil flow marks from a tractor with 20 l/min and 70 °C hot water, a second person can wash the heavily soiled grubber with high washing power at 30 l/min of cold water.We supply high-performance stationary high-pressure cleaners with up to 2,400 l/h for space-saving wall installation and plan your customized high-pressure lines which are individually adjusted to your system. Taps are placed exactly where you need them.

Stationary high pressure with system.

  • Easy installation and short set-up times
  • Extremely low-wear systems
  • All pipes, fittings and taps made completely of high-grade steel
  • Durable plunger pump of stationary professional high-pressure cleaner