Automatic start-stop

Fast switching.

Developed for users who require optimum operational comfort or who operate the high-pressure device at a stationary high-pressure line. Automatic start-stop can be integrated in mobile professional high-pressure cleaners and also in conventional stationary wall installations.

In particular with stationary branch lines it is annoying and often time consuming to walk all the way to switch the high-pressure cleaner on and off. With this switch the user can go directly to the tap, couple the hose and actuate the gun.

At the same time the control receives an impulse triggered by the flow monitor and starts the high-pressure unit. In case the operator releases the pump, e.g. to open a door, the high-pressure device will continue to work. It does not stop quickly to restart only seconds later. The high-pressure device switches independently to stand-by mode after longer breaks and thereby protects the electricity network and service life of the electric motor.

The Meier-Brakenberg automatic start-stop is an electromechanical control inside a robust switch cabinet. Due to the high-quality workmanship it guarantees optimum functional safety of electric components. The control system can be ordered together with any Meier-Brakenberg professional high-pressure cleaner.


In brief:

  • Easy handling - therefore maximum operational comfort
  • High functional reliability due to robust switch cabinet
  • No roaring motor in case of pressure loss due to flow monitor
  • Capable of being integrated into any Meier-Brakenberg standard equipment
  • Protection against water deficiency when starting the device

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