Single pig scale. Those who weigh individually sort their slaughter pigs more precisely.

The bottom line is that every gram counts.

The weight masks when selling to the slaughterhouse are becoming increasingly tight in pig farming. Both underweight and overweight result in a discount on the sales proceeds.

It is confirmed that the correct weight plays an important role in the profit per animal. Our scales will help you make the right decision so that you can sell at the right time.

Weighing improves economic efficiency.

The strict observance of weight limits optimizes sales revenues of fattening pigs. Our mobile single pig scale are specifically designed for sorting pigs for slaughter. These scales facilitate comfortable and stress-free weighing inside or in front of the pens.

The standard repel gate provides two options. Firstly, inside large pens you can open the door by remote control to let the animals exit the scales. Secondly, in small pens you can weigh the animals on the aisle since it is possible to make the animals exit the back door of the scales to enter back into the pen. To do so you just need to reposition the control bar.

NEW: Weighing display for fast weighing!

The new weighing display makes it easier to quickly sort pigs with the help of a traffic light display. The desired weight range can be individually programmed by the user and is displayed in green when weighing. Weights above and below the desired range are indicated by red and yellow.

Weights are stored and totaled if necessary and can be transferred to the computer via a standard USB interface.

The display is large and bright and also easy to read in the stable. An animal weighing program as well as an automatic rebalancing also facilitate the fast animal weighing. The power supply is via mains adapter or battery operation.

NEW: Holder for 4 colour sprays

Up to 4 spray cans can be placed in the secure holder and are always ready to hand for quick marking of pigs. Even with the scale standing in upright position, the spray cans remain firmly in the holder.


These advantages are weighty.

  • Complete scales made of aluminium: Weight of 53 kg allows easy manoeuvring.
  • Waterproof encapsulated load cells and impact-resistant weighing beams: Ensures high functional reliability in rough stable use.
  • Cable routing inside the bar: To prevents damages caused by rodents.
  • Animal weighing program with LOCK function: Fast weighing of moving animals.
  • Automatic re-taring: Soiling does not affect weighing results.
  • Laterally closed walls: Animals are not distracted, thus accelerating the weighing process.
  • Scale pan made of one piece: Makes the scale particularly stable.
    • Very low access height of only 7 cm: Pigs like to enter the scales.
    • Free passage for operator: Practical suitability is important.
    • Drive-back function with gate: Animals can exit the scales at the back side.
    • Remote control for front gate: Animals can exit the scales at the front side.
    • Total width only 58 cm: Easy to handle in narrow aisles.
    • Solid rubber wheels and handles: The scale can be moved like a wheelbarrow.
    • Smooth surfaces and only few edges: Minimizes cleaning efforts.
    • 4-position spray can holder and livestock marking pen: Everything ready to hand.
    • 3 years warranty for the entire weighing machine: Provides security for the future.

    Product Details

    Weighing technology

    • Absolutely impact resistant and waterproof weighing beams guarantee high functional reliability under rough conditions of use in stables. It is the impact resistant design with rubber buffers which makes the weighing machine fully maneuverable.

      Mobile pig scale - robust weighing beams
      Absolutely impact resistant weighing beams guarantee high functional reliability under rough conditions of use in stables - design with rubber buffers for very tough conditions.

    • Die neue Einzeltierwaage ist noch wendiger und auch hochkant fahrbar, drehbar und standsicher mit einem dritten Laufrad.

      Mobile Animal Weighing Machine - Face side wheel
      Makes it even more manoeuverable and allows upright moving, rotatable and stable due to third wheel.

    • Animals like to enter the scales due to the very low access height of only 7 cm.

      Mobile pig scale - Low access height
      Very low access height of only 7 cm - animals like to enter the scales.

    • Robust weighing platform of the aluminium scales provides highest stability - no tearing welding seams. Cables are protected by rails to ensure high functional reliability.

      Mobile pig scale - Robust aluminium weighing platform
      Robust weighing platform made of one piece provides highest stability - no tearing welding seams - cable laying in rails protected against rodents

    • Die Rücktreibefunktion ist das ideale Werkzeug, um Schweine bei sehr kleinen oder vollen Buchten praktisch vor der Bucht zu wiegen und anschließend zurück in die Bucht zu treiben.

      Mobile pig scale - Backfeed function
      The backfeed function is the ideal tool to weigh pigs in very small or full pens practically in front of the pens in the scales and then drive them back into the pens.

    • The elaborate bar facilitates the easy and fast change from repel gate to front exit gate within a few seconds.

      Mobile pig scale - Operation repel gate and exit gate
      The elaborate control bar facilitates the easy and fast change from repel gate to front exit gate within a few seconds.

    • Mobile pig scale - Spray can holder
      Elaborated details at the mobile animal weighing machine: holder for spray and marking pen in optimum position.

    • Absolutely impact resistant and waterproof weighing beams guarantee high functional reliability under rough conditions in stables. Cables which are protected against rodents lead directly to the weighing indicator.

      Mobile pig scale - Waterproof weighing beams
      Waterproof sealed weighing cells guarantee high functional reliability under rough conditions - from weighing beams or cables inside rails for protection against rodents to the weighing indicator.

    • Freier Durchgang der mobilen Tierwaage ermöglicht dem Anwender Durchschreiten der Waage - kurze Wege im Arbeits- bzw. Wiegeablauf.

      Mobile pig scale - Free passage
      Free passage all the way through the mobile animal weighing machine allows the operator to walk through the scales - short ways during operation and weighing process.

    • Mobile pig scale - Optimum handling
      With three front-mounted wheels, low dead weight, and handles positioned appropriately on the rear side, the scale is easy to lift and can be pushed and manoeuvered in upright position without effort.

    Technical Data

    Type WA21 (inner dimensions) WA21 (outer dimensions)
    Length (cm) 142 175
    Width (cm) 47 58
    Height (cm) [without display] 80 126
    Weight (kg) 53  
    Operation rechargeable batteries  
    Operating time approx. 12 hours