Animal welfare: Porky's Fun Box - Nibbling Pipe - Scrubbing Wall

When animals feel good, earnings grow.

When animals feel good, earnings grow. What can we do to offer long-lasting activities to animals kept indoors? The solution is our Porky's Fun Box. It is an attractive toy and provides well dosed roughage feed at the same time.

Our nibbling pipe keeps animals busy with organic materials in a sustainable and inexpensive way. It replaces plastic toys by wooden slats. Our scrubbing wall has been specially developed for animal welfare and is already in use at many farms where measures in accordance with the Initiative Tierwohl are implemented.

They fit in any stable: Animal Welfare products of Meier-Brakenberg.

  • Porky's Fun Box
  • Porky's Nibbling Pipe
  • Porky's Scrubbing Wall
  • Stainless steel gas gun holder
  • Toy holder