Porky's Pick Up XL – for sows up to 300 Kg

EuroTier novelty 2016

The new Porky's Pick Up XL will be presented from Meier-Brakenberg at first time on EuroTier 2016 in Hannover. Interested visitors can find the novelty at fair in hall 17, stand D13.


The new product-generation - especially for weight of animal up to 300 kg

With Porky's Pick Up XL Meier-Brakenberg completed the product portfolio of self-propelled carcass trolleys.

Porky’s Pick Up XL is designed for transport of sows with a weight of up to 300 kgs. The animal can be loaded in a very ergonomic way by one person only.

The design with foldable loading table makes it possible to work even in the narrowest of spaces. The user loads the animal with electrically driven rollers. At the same time it is possible to extend the folding table so that the animal lies completely on the device for transport without touching the ground - as an optium hog-sow-hauler.

Robust and durable design

The chassis of this carcass trolley is made of corrosion resistant aluminium. It is splash-proof and therefore easy to clean. Porky's Pick Up XL is equipped with 26 cm pneumatic tires. It is very manoeuvrable and can turn on the spot. The width of only 61 cm allows use even in most confined spaces.

Simple and intuitive operation. After activating the main switch Porky's Pick Up XL can be controlled with only two keys. Infinitely variable speed control ensures very smooth start and decelerating.




Outstanding benefits.

  • Electrical drive, batteries for power supply
  • Intuitive, simple operation
  • Robust and durable design
  • Suitable for animal weight of up to 300 kgs
  • Foldable loading table


Plugged-in position: the user can lift up the carcass from the ground in pens with less space.

Extended position: the user can transport the carcass completely on the trolley.

Outstanding benefits

  • Hygienically optimal carcass disposal
  • Non-contact loading of animals
  • Loading with powerful roller drives
  • No contact with the ground on the way to the disposal site
  • Very ergonomic use, no strain for the back of hog hauler

Product Details

  • By the intuitive handling of the controller for Porky's Pick Up XL drive and pick up rollers, the user can drive through the stable and also small corridors, to pick up carcasses.

    Porkys Pick Up XL - handling
    Intuitive use of Porky's Pick Up XL controller for motor- and roller drive.

  • The robust pick-up rollers from our new Porky's Pick Up XL collect the carcass from the ground and transport it safety on the trolley.

    Porkys Pick Up XL - lift up rollers
    Extra-wide pick up rollers transport sows up to 300 kg safety on the trolley.

Technical Data

Type PPU0030    
Height (cm) 114/110 (folded out)    
Width (cm) 61    
Length (cm) 114/142 (folded out)    
Speed forward/reverse 5/2,5 km/h (fast/slowly)    
Motor drive 24 V DC, 400 W    
Roller drive 3x each 32 rpm    
Battery capacity 10 Ah    
Weight (kg) 80    

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