Fast firefighting in the field and on the road

MB Field Attack is mounted on the front hydraulics of the tractor and offers four functions in one unit:

  • Extinguishing
  • Cleaning
  • Front weight
  • Underride protection

Brand new: the extinguishing and cleaning facility is together with the vehicle on the spot, stand-alone and always immediately available.

This is important for saving a lot of time and quickly fighting incipient fires that are discovered in the field or on site. The tractor driver extinguishes the fire directly or contains it until the fire brigade arrives. Typical operations also include extinguishing fires on the straw press or combine harvester.

Cleaning work is performed just as practical, for example, crossing the road or cleaning the sprayer directly in the field. The cleaner with water reservoir is on the vehicle!


Functions in detail


The tractor operator can intervene immediately when detecting a fire in the field or on the machinery. The Field Attack attachment houses a high-pressure extinguishing unit and a water supply tank. A long-distance lance and 25 m of hose can be used to extinguish fires quickly and at high pressure. Extinguishing by using high pressure is much more efficient, smothers and cools the fire, so that a water supply of 275 liters and 13 minutes extinguishing time results in a surprising extinguishing effect.



The lance is quickly changed on the gun so that roads and yard surfaces can be cleaned with a flat-jet lance, just as with a high-pressure cleaner.


With this equipment the rods of the crop protection agent sprayer can be sprayed in an environmentally friendly way directly on the field.

Front Weight

Four steel plates underneath the water storage container provide the desired weight. Each plate weighs 75 kg and can be mounted or removed individually (up to 300 kg ballast). Together with the filled water tank (275 l) and 225 kg empty weight of Field Attack, 800 kg front weight is achievable.




Due to its design, Field Attack is at the same time an underride protection and increases the road safety of tractors. With a width of 2.45 m, it reveals the dimensions of the oncoming vehicle. In addition, Field Attack has:


  • Side marker lights
  • Daytime running lights
  • Reflectors to the side and to the front
  • 2 warning signs

Orientation guide poles on the side for easy maneuvering

Technology in detail

  • The high-pressure extinguishing unit consists of a 3-cylinder piston pump with high-quality bronze connecting rod and provides 21 liters/h and 150 bar
  • 25 m of high-pressure hose are safely and neatly stored on a optional stainless steel automatic hose reel
  • Lances can be easily changed at the quick coupling. The long-distance and flat-jet lances are safely stowed behind the side flap



  • The pump-motor combination is stowed on the left-hand side
  • Illuminated storage space for tools
  • The central 275 liter stainless steel water tank with continuous stainless steel shaft and consoles is completely welded and powder coated
  • The steel side brackets and opening wings are bolted and powder coated. The wings open via secured quick-release fasteners
  • The front weights are bolted at the lowest point, for good road holding and ideal point of pull
  • Drain valve for emptying at the water supply tank

Product Details

    Technical Data

    Type MB Field Attack
    Length x Depth/ Width x Height 830 x 2450 x 950 cm
    Water output 21 l/min
    Pressure 150 bar
    Pump 3-cylinder piston pump with bronze connecting rod
    Motor Hydraulic oil motor, 29 l/min
    Water supply 275 l
    Weight 225 kg empty + 275 kg water + 300 kg ballast = 800 kg maximum

    STANDARD EQUIPMENT              

    Hose length: 25 m

    Hose: single-ply, NW 8

    Long-distance lance, flat-jet lance

    Tools storage space: illuminated

    Tractor connection: 2 hydraulic hoses, supply and return


    Stainless steel automatic hose reel

    Ballast: 4 x 75 kg extra weight, bolted

    Foam lance 2 liters, drainage rinsing hose, slurry suction, lance for rod cleaning on crop protection agent sprayers

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