Piglet scales. Just weigh your piglets in groups.

Mobile piglet scales for fast weight determination.

Different types of animals need individual solutions. This is why we developed different designs and sizes for our mobile individual animal and group scales. All weighing machines are made for tough long-term use. Elaborated constructions made of light aluminium ensure best possible stability and mobility at the same time.


The mobile piglet weighing machine is specially designed for weight control and determination when selling piglets, and for determination and assessment of performance. The scales come to the animal! That minimizes stress for humans and animals. Easy handling and sturdy design facilitate work as much as possible. The weighing scales are suitable for up to 10 piglets of 30 kg each.

On request it is possible to equip the scales with pass-through function which allows the user to open to opposing gate by remote operation.

NEW: Weighing display for fast weighing 

The new weighing display facilitates the quick sorting of the pigs with the help of a traffic light display. The desired weight range can be individually programmed by the user and is displayed in green when weighing. Weights above and below the desired range are indicated by red and yellow.

Weights are stored and totaled if necessary and can be transferred to the computer via a standard USB interface.

The display is large and bright and also easy to read in the stable. An animal weighing program as well as an automatic rebalancing also facilitate the fast animal weighing. The power supply is via mains adapter or battery operation.   

These advantages are weighty.

  • Weighing machine completely made of aluminium. A weight of less than 80 kg makes the weighing machine maneuverable like a wheelbarrow.
  • Waterproof sealed weighing cells and impact resistant weighing beams ensure high functional reliability under rough conditions.
  • Cable laying inside rails prevents damages caused by rodents.
  • Power supply provided by battery to ensure high mobility.
  • Animal weighing program with lock function to ensure speedy weighing of moving animals..
  • Automatic taring: soiling does not affect weighing results.
  • Large, bright display with waterproof membrane keyboard: easily readable weighing indicator.
  • Laterally closed walls: Animals do not get distracted, thus accelerated weighing process.
  • Very low access height of only 7 cm: pigs like to enter the scales.
  • Free passage for the operator: practical suitability plays an important role.
  • On request remote operated front gate: animals can exit the weighing machine at the front.
  • Solid rubber wheels and handles: it is easy to move the scales.
  • Smooth surfaces and only few edges minimize cleaning efforts.

Product Details

  • Absolutely impact resistant and waterproof weighing beams guarantee high functional reliability under rough conditions of use in stables. It is the impact resistant design with rubber buffers which makes the weighing machine fully maneuverable.

    Mobile pig scale - robust weighing beams
    Absolutely impact resistant weighing beams guarantee high functional reliability under rough conditions of use in stables - design with rubber buffers for very tough conditions.

  • The robust new weighing display WA300 for mobile animal scales offers new functions such as data export to a USB stick.

    Mobile pig scale - weight display WA300
    Weighing display with large, brightly lit digits on membrane keypad and animal weighing program with lock function and automatic rebalancing. Fast sorting through traffic light function, storage and USB interface.

  • Mobile pig scale - Free passage
    Free passage all the way through the mobile animal weighing machine allows the operator to walk through the scales - short ways during operation and weighing process.

  • Robust weighing platform of the aluminium scales provides highest stability - no tearing welding seams. Cables are protected by rails to ensure high functional reliability.

    Mobile pig scale - Robust aluminium weighing platform
    Robust weighing platform made of one piece provides highest stability - no tearing welding seams - cable laying in rails protected against rodents

Technical Data

Inner dimensions (cm) Outer dimensons (cm)
Length 222 250
Width 82 90
Height 80 100
Weight (kg) 76  
Operation 2 x battery  
Operating time approx. 12 hours