German Agricultural Society Gold medal for our Trough Aspirator Speedy

The German Agricultural Society DLG has awarded the Eurotier novelties medals! We are pleased to have been awarded with the gold medal for Trough Aspirator Speedy!

Optimum feed hygiene is essential for animal health and performance in pig farming. Special attention must be paid to the feed troughs as food residues in the trough provide a good breeding ground for mould and bacteria.

Until now, these residues were usually removed from the trough manually using a bucket and shovel. This manual emptying of the trough is very time-consuming for the user and food remains in the corners which can spoil quickly.

With the Trough Aspirator Speedy which is simply connected to the gun of the high pressure cleaner, food residues can be emptied from troughs in the shortest time. It does not matter whether the feed is wet or dry. The extracted feed can be collected in a container or discharged into the manure. After emptying the trough can be quickly cleaned with the washing lance by simply switching over to the cleaning nozzle.

This ensures optimum hygiene and the next ration of feed stays fresh longer for better ingestion.

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