Take advantage of demonstration of the MBHot 1320


Those who wash machines know what is important to efficiently clean work machines from heavy dirt and grease, oils or feed acid of silo goods.

The Meier-Brakenberg campaign "High-pressure Cleaners on Tour" offers demonstrations of the new hot water high-pressure cleaner MBHot 1320. This new professional system with hot water unit is on the road since the beginning of the year.


Recently company Franz Josef Hussmann, sales representative Alfons Stenpass from Raesfeld, visited the agricultural contractor in Westenborken.

During the season there are mainly field choppers, harvesters and combinations with manure container or chopping wagons which need cleaning. In particular machines which come into contact with chopped corn need special care to protect them permanently against corrosion and to ensure operational safety. 

Just use the hot water high-pressure cleaner MBHot 1320! The device removes corn residues and contained acids reliably. Moreover, this cleaning operation attaches great importance to high heat output of up to 80 °C peak power. 

Furthermore, the switchable foam injector offers additional functions. It takes only one move to dose cleaning foam and to perfectly spread it with the foam lance to achieve optimum cleaning results.

In case you should have any questions or ideas or if you would like to make an appointment for demonstration, please call us, tel.: +49 5262 993 990


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