Professional high-pressure cleaner for the fire department in Oberhausen – Germany

Professional fire brigade need also professional high-pressure cleaning technique to keep their operation vehicles in good conditions. Actually the fire department Oberhausen has start-up their new cleaning system from Meier-Brakenberg.

The advantages of the fix mounted stainless steel pipe are significant:

  • Short set-up times – no periodic installation and connection of pressure cleaner needed
  • Cleanly and tidy installation – space saving mounted at the wall
  • Lager water flow  - for powerful cleaning capacity

The truck-wash hall from the fire department Oberhausen is suitable for this installation. The stainless steel hose-coiler is mounted at the wall and provides an easy handling of the pressure hose.

To clear strong dirt more easily, the pressure-cleaning system has an injector-system to inject cleaning-components. Combined with the special foam-lance, the users can spry foam on the trucks. The cleaning foam resolves dirt better and faster. In the following step soling can be flushed easily away, by using a flat-steam lance with a wide spraying nozzle.

Planning and implementation was performed by consultant Alfons Stenpaß (right position in the picture) from company Hußmann.

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