High-pressure cleaners - Special designs

Special designs according to customer specifications.

Some agricultural or industrial undertakings are unique and ready-made standard products do not meet their requirements. We have exactly the right solutions for extraordinary challenges. 

We define the task together with the users and develop the design needed to exactly match your requirements. Doing so we attach great importance to durable materials, excellent workmanship and best possible functionality.

In the following you will be presented some of our special designs. Challenges are demanding and targets are often most ambitious. How to clean a fattening farm for 24,000 animals efficiently? Do two high-pressure pumps for industrial plants or food producing companies fit on a forklift? How to get powerful high-pressure technology on the road? How to use frequency technology for cleaning? How to implement hygiene standards in food industry most effectively?

Endless cleaning power.

Stationary multiple pump with three pumps each 1,800 l/h in a pig fattening farm with 24,000 animals.

Pumps start alternately to ensure even load.

On the road with high-pressure.

Stationary high-pressure unit on a car trailer for professional cleaning service provider.

Tow robust plunger pumps each 2,400 l/h with 2 x 1,000 l and 2 hose reels incl. hose guide each with 100 m high-pressure hose.

Forked up.

Mobile pump unit for waste management operations. Two high-pressure pumps each 1,800 l/h and a 200 l feed tank on a forklift rack.

This constellation is suitable for many undertakings of the municipal sector which require compact professional high-pressure cleaners as complete solutions. 

8,400 litre per hour.

Double frequency pump unit in poultry farming with a total water output of 8,400 l/h.

Two frequency converters control the pump independently inside the hatchery.


Clean trucks.

High-pressure cleaners with 30 l/h at a forwarder for outdoor truck cleaning without power connection. Petrol engine with 13 kW at 3,600 rpm and electric starter.

The integrated fuel tank allows entirely independent operation in connection with a service water tank.


Cleanliness four-in-one.

Stationary frequency pump unit with 3,000 l/h water output in food industry - here at an egg sorting and packaging plant. 

Four cleaning staff can work at the same time.

High-pressure inside transporter.

Frequency controlled high-pressure pump during mobile use for a stable cleaning service provider.

The unit is installed inside a transporter, completely with service water tank and chemicals injector for detergents and disinfecting agents.


Sparkling clean field chopper.

Frequency controlled high-pressure system at machine washing station at company Krone in Spelle. High washing power for parallel cleaning of several machines at the same time. Integrated hot water unit and detergent dosing specially for machine cleaning.

More than 2,000 hours of operation per year.

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