Mixing tank

For best possible dissolution of medication

Often powdery medications do not dissolve sufficiently in water. That may lead to deposits in valves or pipes or even result in blockages. 

The mixing tanks MB Mix 60 and MB Mix 180 mix the medication liquid by rotary pump during the entire dosing process and keep the medium in suspension. The water quantity reaches the container through an inlet line. Once the target quantity is reached the inlet hose can be connected to the float valve to allow the medication dosing system to aspirate the solution for supply into the drinking water line. The cover has an opening for the suction hose. The mixed solution is kept in circulation during the entire dosing process and is therefore well-stirred. In contrary to common agitators there is no foaming when using the rotary pump because it prevents air inclusions.

As soon as the medication liquid is used up the float valve ensures automatic fresh water supply and cleans the system as well as the medication dosing unit.

Mixing tanks MB Mix 60 and MBMix 180

• Optionally 60 l or 180 l
• Robust rotary pump
• Perfect stirring of medication solution
• Optimum homogenization of medication and water

Product Details

  • View inside the mixing tank: Float valve ensures inflow of fresh water after completed dosing of solution. No dry running of pumps and rinsing of system with clear water.

    MB Mix - Mixing tank
    Float valve inside the tank ensures fresh water supply after completed dosing of solution - the system is rinsed.

  • Water distribution inside pigsty with permanently integrated electrical medication dosing system MBDos1 and mixing tank for medication. The MBDos1 doses medication from the mixing tank or feed acids from the storage container into the drinking water.

    MB Dos Touch - Medication dosing system and mixing tank
    Water distribution in pigsty with permanently integrated electrical medication dosing system MB Dos Touch and mixing tank for medication

Technical Data

Diameter (cm) 60  
Height (cm) 75  
Capacity 60 l 180 l
Electrical connection 230 V, 50 Hz 230 V, 50 Hz
Dry-run protection Float valve Float valve
Mixing technology Rotary pump Rotary pump

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