14 frequency-controlled high-pressure cleaners start their journey to Hungary!

14 frequency-controlled mobile high-pressure cleaners from Meier-Brakenberg start their journey to Hungary. It is not an everyday pig operation and also not a standard high-pressure cleaner. A sow farm with a connected fattening farm in Hungary was looking for a high degree of flexibility for special requirements and this with mobile high-pressure cleaners. Meier-Brakenberg supplied fourteen MBH3000 flex. Frequency technology is used for these mobile high-pressure cleaners, so that every user can set the water quantity that is appropriate for the purpose at any time. The device delivers a maximum of 3000 litres per hour, so that, for example, two washers can work with the device in the sow barn and "share" the amount of water. Or a washer works alone with a very high amount of water in the fattening compartment. He can set the quantity that is suitable for him personally. 

The high pressure technology opens many solutions for places, at which with a different number at persons and quantities of water one is to work, for example in municipal enterprises, waste disposal plants or industrial enterprises. The technology can be used also with hot water, which can be meaningful in the food industry or machine care.