Soaking and cooling unit

Customized stationary soaking unit

Our stationary soaking units are made-to-order depending on the individual conditions of each stable. The main line has an exit to each compartment and is located in the center aisle. Ball taps at the exits allow the user to decide which compartment should be soaked. Inside the compartments, above the pens and depending on the arrangement of pens it is possible to mount a pipe system with suitable soaking nozzles. 

The entire unit can be controlled via two different soaking automats. MBWeich100 is our standard solution for soaking purposes. Our MBWeich200 has an integrated temperature sensor to control both, soaking and cooling.

Superior reliability when it comes to heavy dirt.

The constant alternation between spraying and pausing is the base for water-saving and effective soaking. The soaking unit specifies spraying intervals. Spray and break intervals are individually adjustable. Maceration of excrements, dirt and feed remains during break intervals ensures that the water can penetrate the dirt through the open pores during the following spray interval.

Spraying intervals ensure that even thick layers of heavy dirt soak completely and can be washed away easily afterwards. On request, we equip our soaking unit with special nozzles for excrement removal for partially slatted floors. 

A clean solution.

  • Pipe system for 3 functions
  • Soaking, cooling and disinfection in one
  • Soaked dirt can be washed away easily
  • Cleaning time cut by half
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Individual planning and execution for any stable
  • Easy self-installation
  • On request complete or supervised installation

Cool stables for higher performance.

Efficient stable cooling during summer is indispensable. The more comfortable animals feel, the higher their performance. When installing a Meier-Brakenberg soaking unit you can use the same pipe system for cooling.

For this purpose the unit is equipped with combined soaking and cooling nozzles which have a cooling nozzle at the top and a soaking nozzle at the bottom. A ball tap makes it possible to switch between soaking and cooling mode. Cooling nozzles generate fine mist. This mist withdraws heat from the air and animals do not get wet. It is possible to reach a temperature decrease of 2 to 5 °C.  

Cooling instead of soaking

In order to arrange stable cooling as profitable as possible the Meier-Brakenberg stationary cooling and soaking units are based preferably on one and the same pipe system for both cooling and soaking. For this purpose the system is equipped with combined cooling and soaking nozzles. The cooling nozzle is mounted at the top, the soaking nozzle at the bottom. Just operate the ball tap to switch between soaking and cooling mode.

Depending on the supply air system and floor plan we install a separate cooling nozzle branch next to the soaking line. In doing so the cooling nozzle is fitted directly to the nozzle holder of the pipe branch. That would be e.g. a good solution to reduce the number of cooling nozzles in farrowing pens or to cool down the supply air in pens with ventilated corridors.  

Optimum stable climate pays off.

  • Pipe system for 3 functions
  • Soaking, cooling and disinfection in one
  • Effective cooling without moistening animals
  • Single, double or quadruple cooling nozzles available
  • Easy self-installation
  • On request complete assembly or supervised installation.

Efficient cooling every second

Special cooling nozzles - whether combination nozzle or separate branch - generate a very fine mist which evaporates. The evaporating process withdraws heat from the air and thus the air temperature falls.

The integrated pressure release prevents dripping of nozzles. For this a magnetic valve opens for a few seconds and makes some water escape from the cooling pipe system. The pressure is then released and nozzles stop spraying immediately. This procedure allows short spraying intervals, such as 2 to 12 seconds spraying and 6 to 12 seconds break period. They break temperature peaks inside stables by up to 5 °C and maintain animal performance at consistently high feed intake and daily weight gain level.  

  • Integrated pressure release for exact observance of spraying intervals
  • Full-fledged air cooling unit in compliance with Animal Welfare criteria
  • Individual planning and design for any stable

Disinfection for maximum hygiene.

Meier-Brakenberg soaking units have a third decisive advantage: at the push of a button you can disinfect entire stable sections via the existing soaking nozzles. A stationary disinfection pump aspirates a pre-mixed disinfectant solution and supplies it through a bypass to the soaking unit. Optionally you can also connect a disinfection trolley to the soaking unit which contains the pre-mixed solution.

In any case disinfection of fattening pens with 400 animals takes only about 6 minutes. The magazine "profi" (03/2010) reports about field tests: "…no other technology has ever achieved such even and at the same time fast distribution of disinfecting agents before!" 

Soaking unit with 3 benefits.

• Soaking, disinfection and cooling all in one

• Stable cleaning in half time

• Stable cooling for perfect climate

• Stable disinfection at the push of a button

• Only one control unit even for physically separated pens

• Large selection of nozzles and installation options

• Suitable for any type of stable

• Individual planning and customization

Product Details

  • Soaking and cooling system - control unit MBWeich200
    Easy and intuitive operation of the soaking and cooling control MBWeich200 - to the second adjustable spraying and break intervals. 

  • Kombidüse sprüht bei Einweichvorgängen, beim Kühlen wird die Einweichdüse abgestellt.

    Soaking unit - Control unit MBWeich100
    Combi nozzle sprays during soaking, during cooling the soaking nozzle is switched off.

  • Installation im getrennten Kühlstrang, zum Beispiel in der Zuluft.

    Soaking unit - soaking nozzle SR
    Installation in a separate cooling line, for example in the supply air.

  • Installation im getrennten Kühlstrang, zum Beispiel in der Zuluft.

    Soaking unit - soaking nozzle MR
    Installation in a separate cooling line, for example in the supply air.

  • The combined soaking and cooling nozzle is equipped with a separately suppressible soaking nozzle and a low-pressure cooling nozzle. On request it can be switched from soaking to cooling mode. Additionally the combination nozzle can be retrofitted to already existing soaking systems.

    Soaking and cooling system - combined nozzle
    Combined soaking and cooling nozzle with separately suppressible soaking and cooling nozzle - can be switched from soaking to cooling mode depending on use

  • The cooling nozzle branch above the aisle cools down incoming supply air in corridors. This twin-type cooling nozzle can also be used in this constellation inside farrowing pens.

    Soaking and cooling system - separate cooling branch
    Cooling nozzle branch above aisle cools down the incoming supply air of corridor ventilation.

  • Soaking and cooling system - distribution
    Distribution soaking and cooling system: water filter, magnetic valve, pressure release and disinfectant connection.

  • Distribution of soaking and cooling unit includes water filter, magnetic valve, pressure release of cooling and disinfectant connection. Directly connected disinfection trolley MBDes200 for spraying disinfectants directly via the soaking unit.

    Soaking and cooling unit - distribution with disinfection trolley
    Distribution soaking and cooling unit: water filter, magnetic valve, pressure release and disinfectant connection. Directly connected: Disinfection trolley MBDes200.

Technical Data

Type MBWeich 100 MBWeich 200
Area of application Soaking Soaking and cooling
Adjustment range spraying 1 - 999 sec. 1 - 999 sec.
Adjustment range breaks 1 - 5.999 sec. 1 - 5.999 sec.
Control 230 V magnetic valve 230 V magnetic valve / pressure release

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