Porky's Scrubbing Wall

Complies with the requirements of animal welfare "Scrubbing Facility".

Our Scrubbing Wall made of stainless aluminium chequer plate offers the animals a permanent scrubbing and scratching facility.

Mounting height can be adjusted to the animal size to allow scrubbing for piglets and fattening pigs as well as sows. The ribbing is suitable for small and large animals. No wear or tear in contrast to conventional brushes.

Space-saving, simple installation.

Instead of being placed in the center of the pen, the space-saving Scrubbing Wall is installed on the partition wall. The closed surface between scrubbing slope and wall prevents the animals from getting caught. The lower opening allows the water to drain off during cleaning. The cleaning water simply runs off through the slatted floor. 

Suitable mounting materials for installation on PVC planks at the bottom or at the top of the pen construction are included in the scope of delivery. If requested, this set can be supplied suitable for mounting on other partition walls.

It fits in any stable.

  • Scrubbing Wall of Meier-Brakenberg
  • Complies with the requirements of animal welfare for "Scrubbing Facilities"
  • Solid scrubbing wall made of chequer plate
  • Robust aluminium construction
  • Drilled, flexible holder 
  • Easy installation on stable construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Mounting materials included in scope of delivery

Product Details

    Technical Data

    Type BM3001
    Width (cm) 23
    Height (cm) 64
    Depth (cm) 44
    Weight (kg) 8
    Design Aluminium
    Mounting U-bolts and machine bolts

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