Porky's Scrubbing Wall

Toy for pigs and cattle.

Our extremely robust Scrubbing Wall made of stainless aluminium chequer plate offers the animals a permanent activity, scrubbing and scratching facility.

The corrugation is suitable for large and small animals. In contrast to conventional brushes there is no wear and tear.

The Scrubbing Wall is available in two different sizes. The larger one, Porky’s Scrubbing Wall for sows and fattening pigs, and Porky’s Scrubbing Wall Midi for piglet rearing and fattening.

The large Scrubbing Wall is also suitable for cattle and calf farming.

Scrubbing Wall in Pigpens.

Activity material without wear and tear

  • Successful animal activity for each age group
  • Once installed, never again any effort: nothing has to be changed, retrofitted or maintained, the Scrubbing Plate is not affected by wear and tear!
  • Meets the animal welfare criterion scrub wall, both the normal and the midi version
  • Porky’s Scrubbing Wall for sows and fatteners, Scrubbing Wall midi for piglets and fatteners
  • Easy to clean

Space-saving, simple installation.

Instead of being placed in the center of the pen, the space-saving Scrubbing Wall is installed on the partition wall. The holder is drilled and can be flexibly attached. The closed surface between scrubbing slope and wall prevents the animals from getting caught. The lower opening allows the water to drain off during cleaning. The cleaning water simply drains through the slatted floor. 

Optionally, the scope of delivery includes suitable mounting materials for installation on PVC panels at the bottom and for installation at the top on the tubular pen construction. If requested, this set can also be supplied suitable for mounting on other partition walls.

Product Details

    Technical Data

    Type Porky's Scrubbing Wall Porky's Scrubbing Wall Midi
    Width (cm) 20.5 19
    Height (cm) 61.5 35.5
    Depth (cm) 40 26
    Design aluminium aluminium
    Fixing U-bolts and machine bolts U-bolts and machine bolts
    Use fattening, sows, calves fattening, piglets, calves

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