Low-pressure cooling unit dairy cattle

Dairy cattle feel comfortable at low temperatures.

Also animals have an individual comfort temperature level and that is one target to be achieved. Best possible stable climate, comfortably cool air and reduced number of annoying flies. It became apparent with dairy cattle that the animals breathe calmer, eat more and prolong rumination what increases milk yields significantly.

Spray cooling vaporizes water above the walking area of cows. Vaporization makes the ambient temperature fall.

Pressure of 3.5 bar is sufficient.

The low-pressure cooling unit is based on an easy to install system made of PVC lines and mist nozzles. A cooling branch made of PVC tubes is mounted above the cattle's walkway. Installation and distribution depends on the individual local conditions. Nozzles spray only in the walking area, resting areas remain dry. That way animals are free to choose whether they want cooling or not.

Water pressure of at least 3.5 bar is sufficient for the operation. Mist nozzles are available as single, double, triple or quadruple type. It is part of the system conception to determine which type of nozzle is best suitable for the pen.

Easy and intuitive operation.

Apart from an uncomplicated installation the low-pressure cooling systems convince with an easy to operate and menu-driven cooling control unit MBWeich 200. Cooling operation is controlled by a temperature sensor which initiates cooling in accordance with preset cooling temperatures.

The integrated pressure release prevents dripping of nozzles. For this purpose a magnetic valve opens for a few seconds and makes some water escape from the cooling pipe system. The pressure is then released and nozzles stop spraying immediately. This procedure allows short spraying intervals, such as 2 to 6 seconds spraying and 6 to 12 seconds break period. These intervals have proved effective in practice. They break temperature peaks inside stables by up to 5 °C and increase animal performance. 

For cool calculators.

  • Economic low-pressure cooling system
  • Effective cooling without moistening of animals
  • Easy to operate and menu-driven cooling control unit MBWeich200
  • Temperature sensor as standard
  • Integrated pressure release for exact observance of spraying intervals
  • Single, double or quadruple cooling nozzles available
  • Individual planning and design for any stable
  • Easy self-installation, on request complete assembly or supervised installation.

Product Details

  • The easy and intuitive to operate soaking and cooling control unit MBWeich 200 allows to the second adjustment of spraying and break intervals. In connection with the included temperature sensor and the appendant pressure release it offers the user optimum control options when operating the combined soaking and cooling unit.

    Dairy cattle cooling - Cooling control unit MBWeich200
    Easy and intuitive operation of the soaking and cooling control MBWeich200 - spraying and break intervals set precisely to the second - incl. pressure release control.

  • Low-pressure cooling in cow stables leads to higher milk yields: when animals feel well their feed intake increases and thus the milk output.

    Dairy cattle cooling - Increase in performance
    Low-pressure cooling in cow stables leads to higher milk yields: when animals feel well their feed intake increases and thus the milk output.

Technical Data

We would be pleased to submit your individual offer. Important: The design of the cooling system depends on the size of your stables, ventilation system and animal type. Apart from various small parts such as installation accessories, the delivery programme of the system also includes control box and control computer.

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