Flexibility is of utmost importance for stable cleaning. 

Get your perfectly fitting mobile high-pressure cleaner, equipment and size as needed for your operations. They all have in common: convincing with easy handling, mastering toughest challenges and special applications in daily routine due to their robust construction.

Water outputs between 1,260 and 3,000 l/h make them ideal for wide-ranging cleaning applications. Either as compact helper for machine cleaning, in milking parlors or as a powerful support when cleaning and disinfecting sow and piglet pens or even large-area pig and poultry houses.

The plunger pumps of our mobile high-pressure cleaners are made for use with cold water of up to 40 °C. On request we also build other models which supply hot water of up to 80 °V or the MBHot1320 which generates hot water independently.

Movable helpers offer unbeatable advantages.

  • Robust plunger pumps for long service life
  • Durable chassis made of stainless steel and aluminium
  • Stainless steel protective cover for motor and pump
  • Clever hose guide for fast and easy handling
  • Safe placement of lances
  • Long and comfortable handle for pushing in upright posture