EuroTier - novelty: Foam Trolley


The Foam Trolley provides 5 functions essential for cleaning and disinfecting. The device is completely equipped for practical use.

Different cleaning and disinfecting agents require different application technologies. Some soaking and disinfection agents must be foamed up to improve their efficiency. Other substances are spread in coarse droplets or by use of flat jet lances for wet disinfection.

The Foam Trolley combines all 5 functions in only one unit. (1) Spreading of soaking foam for cleaning stables, (2) wet disinfection or (3) optional foam disinfection after stable cleaning and (4) powerful rinsing after disinfection. Another additional option is (5) the application of Alzogur or anti-worm agents by using the coarse-drop sprinkler head.

The Foam Trolley has everything needed for these 5 functions on board: foam lance, flat jet lance, coarse-drop sprinkler head and rinsing lance are placed in comfortable fasteners.

An integrated compressor adds air to reinforce foaming and provides very firm and homogeneous foam to ensure long-lasting and reliable efficiency.



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